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Money Heist Korea Star Jeon Jong Seo to Star in New Historical Kdrama

Credit: Netflix K-Content/YouTube Screenshto

Actress Jeon Jong Seo is set to take on a new role in the Kdrama, Queen Woo.

The Money Heist Korea star has been confirmed to lead the upcoming drama series, which was written by Lee Byung-Hak and directed by Jeong Se-Kyo.

Queen Woo is a historical action drama in which the protagonist, Queen Woo, has been targeted by five tribes wanting power. While the other princes seek the crown as a result of the unexpected death of the king, she strives to establish a new king within the next twenty-four hours.

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Jeon Jong Seo portrays the queen in new Kdrama Queen Woo

Jeon Jong Seo will portray the role of Woo-Hee, a Goguryeo queen who, in order to safeguard her family and ancestry, marries one of her husband's younger brothers. Woo-Hee possesses the resources and the determination to leave the palace in order to search for a new king despite the fact there are other people aiming to take the throne.

She will defy time and gender in order to forge her own path in life, raising anticipation on how the Call actress will present her new acting charm.

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Jeon Jong Seo aims to continue presenting her exemplary acting skills

In particular, Jeon Jong Seo has established a significant bond with TVing after starring in the film Burning. She has appeared on the French Cannes red carpet due to her portrayal in the movie.

As Queen Woo will be her first historical drama, it will not only test her acting skills but is also a chance for her to prove her strong chemistry with the other actors.

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Furthermore, the production team of Queen Woo stated their goal in casting Jeon Jong Seo for the series. "We plan to create a queen that selects the next king and places him on the throne. Not the queen who only moves inside that palace."

The premiere of the new Jeon Jong Seo Kdrama is not expected until 2024.

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