Is MMD From High Hopes A Real Shop? Hulu 4/20 Release Explored

mmd high hopes
Credit: Kimmelot ITV America | Hulu

mmd high hopes
Credit: Kimmelot ITV America | Hulu

Is MMD from the High Hopes series a real shop? Hulu's new reality series takes it up a notch by making a documentary about cannabis dispensaries. That said, fans have a lingering question: is the show scripted? Or is MMD an actual cannabis chain? Find out here.

CONTENT WARNING: This article tackles sensitive topics such as drugs and smoking, so proceed with caution.

Is Hulu's High Hopes Show Scripted?

Hulu just released a new reality series called High Hopes, where we follow MMD (Medical Marijuana Dispensary) Hollywood, otherwise known as a chain of cannabis dispensaries.

According to the streamer, the workplace reality series focuses on "the stoned crew of MMD taking their cannabis business to new heights" while also battling trials and tribulations along the way.

Considering that this is supposed to be a reality series, some fans are convinced that the show is scripted. The short answer is no.

Comedic documentarian Ben Steinbauer (Chop & Steele) explained that High Hopes is a continuation of his work, it just so happens that "[High Hopes] is serialized" and stars regular people "in unscripted situations."

What is MMD From the High Hopes Series? Is It a Real Shop?

mmd high hopes
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Credit: Kimmelot ITV America | Hulu

Did you know that the MMD shop is a real business located in Hollywood? The series may be a comedic documentary, but the MMD chain store is very much real.

The MMD was founded in 2006, its first medical dispensary was in North Hollywood, and since then has served as California's "largest selection of cannabis at the best prices."

They currently have four branches in Southern California to "serve your cannabis needs."

Their official website sells Flowers, Pre-Rolls, Vapes, and Edibles, and even their own clothing brand fashion merchandise with their logo.

It is worth mentioning that MMD wrote a disclaimer that their products are not for use or sale to people under the age of 21 nor are their statements evaluated by the FDA.

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Was the April 20 Release Date on Purpose? Is the Show Scripted?

mmd high hopes
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Credit: Kimmelot ITV America | Hulu

April 20 is the "unofficial stoner holiday" where marijuana smokers get to celebrate their way of living by smoking buds.

The number 420 is also associated with marijuana and smoking. In cannabis culture, the number is slang for marijuana consumption, particularly because of the habit of smoking around 4:20 PM, or 4/20 in the U.S. date form.

Now, as for whether the High Hopes show intended to premiere on April 20, well, as Hulu wrote in the official description: "This season builds to their biggest day of the year—4.20—as the gang attempts to expand nationwide and release their top-shelf cannabis brand."

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In the meantime, you can check out the High Hopes series streaming on Hulu.

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