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Why Does Matt Rife Have a John Lennon Tattoo? Netflix Comedian's Ink Explained

Matt Rife John Lennon Tattoo
Credit: Netflix

Rising stand-up comedian Matt Rife has been in the public eye more these days, especially after the release of his Netflix special. Naturally, fans are quite invested not only in his comedy work but apparently, his tattoos as well. Some of you may be wondering why Matt Rife has a John Lennon tattoo. Well, we've got the answer.

There's no question that the Natural Selection star has had a collection of inks, most visibly on his arms. But before we get into the others, here's why Rife has a John Lennon tattoo on the back of his left arm.

Why Does Matt Rife Have a John Lennon Tattoo?

Matt Rife showed off the iconic John Lennon portrait tattooed on his left arm on Access Hollywood's Boxing with Mario Lopez, which you can watch above. In the interview, he jokingly explains:

"...But I also got a tattoo of John Lennon. Everybody thinks it's Harry Potter. Everybody. And it is so frustrating. Avada Kedavra. Anybody who thinks it - SO dead."

Last March, Rife's tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste offered fans a closer look at the said tattoo on his Instagram:

A Tribute To Matt Rife's 'Papaw'

On the same day, Matt Rife posted his own message explaining the reason behind his John Lennon tattoo. Apparently, it was a tribute to his grandfather, who decorated his house with the artist's pictures. He wrote:

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. John Lennon was my grandpa's favorite artist and we decorated his house with his art all the time, so it okay felt right to get something to remind me of the constant bond between us and the beautiful musical taste he taught me. I Miss you every day, papaw."

So, that pretty much answers what inspired him to get the aforementioned tattoo. But what about his other tattoos?

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Matt Rife's Other Tattoos Explained

Matt Rife John Lennon
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Credit: Netflix

The John Lennon ink dedicated to his grandfather isn't the only tattoo the Netflix comedian has. In fact, he also has a tattoo of a Wolf howling at the moon on the same arm, which he posted on Instagram:

Apart from those, Rife also has a tattoo inspired by Grease's iconic "Stranded at the drive-in..." line which fans had a first glimpse of in 2017. We're not quite sure though what's the significance of the aforementioned quote in the comedian's life.

Turns out, Rife has an affinity for quotes and he also has a tattoo on his left wrist although we don't know what it says exactly.

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