Mark Hamill Writes Another Tribute to Carrie Fisher

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Mark Hamill previously wrote a tribute to his late friend and Star Wars co-star Carrie fisher for The Hollywood Reporter and now he's also written one for Entertainment Weekly. A lot of the new tribute is similar to his previous one, but he does mention some new great things about Carrie. One thing he specifically talks about is Princess Leia being an inspiration to girls.

"Before Star Wars, the world was pre-programmed to accept a storybook damsel-in-distress who cowers as the men save her, but Carrie Fisher shattered that mold," Hamill asserts. He talks about the toughness of Princess Leia, saying "She was so take-charge that she made Harrison Ford and me look like a couple of chumps. Not only was Princess Leia demanding — as royalty ought to be — but she was even judgmental about the kind of aircraft that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker picked her up in: ‘You came in that thing?' There was great humor in that, and a relatability that was effortlessly empowering: ""I don't need a guy to be fulfilled in this world or any other."


He stated that "Carrie was an inspiration for young girls and women everywhere" and asserts that the woman herself was just as amazing as the character she played. He said Carrie "had this old soul. It seemed like she'd lived many, many lives." He lauds her sense of humor, saying "She was like a latter-day Auntie Mame or Dorothy Parker, and so witty that you really had to be on your game. It was an accomplishment to be able to make her laugh. "

He talked about reuniting with Carrie for The Force Awakens. "Coming back for The Force Awakens was a real gift. We could reconnect in a meaningful way. She was very open about how scary it was. But I thought she looked fantastic, and so dignified." He says of himself and Carrie that "we really were like a brother and sister. "

He ends his tribute by admitting he's still having difficulty processing his grief over the loss of Carrie. "She was something else. I met only one Carrie Fisher. I don't expect to meet another. "

This was another moving tribute for Hamill. He's right to say that Princess Leia was important to so many young girls and they will feel the loss of Carrie. She was a great actress, humorist, author and inspiration.


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