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Loki Producer Teases Potential Theatrical Release for Season 2 Finale

Credit: Marvel Studios

The second season finale of Loki was met with a positive reception from both fans and critics with praise towards its satisfying conclusion to the titular character's arc in the series.

At the same time, it also sets up an interesting path on the future of the Multiverse Saga since the multiversal war has been officially unleashed while Loki is protecting all branches from the End of Time.

The second season itself has been praised by fans and it is considered to be one of the best MCU releases in the last few years, especially since the franchise is considered to be in a downward trend at the moment.

Now, it looks like fans might be able to revisit the finale on the big screen soon thanks to the rapturous reception.

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Loki Season 2 Finale Might Get a Theatrical Release

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Speaking with, Loki executive producer Kevin Wright was asked whether they have plans for the second season finale to get a theatrical release.

While he didn't give a definitive answer, he did tease the possibility that it could happen since the episode was sound mixed as a theatrical release and they have explored the idea with Disney to potentially do it after the strike.

"I would love it, and I'll say this... obviously, the sound mixing is different for streaming versus theatrical," Wright said.

"We did do a theatrical mix of the finale, and that was always like a, 'Who knows?' It's something we talked about with Disney, depending on when the strikes ended and getting everybody together. Depending on how people react to this finale, we've got a version that could be."

Fortunately, the actors' strike was already over since last week so a theatrical release might actually happen now. While fans may have already seen it on Disney+, there could be a lot of interest to see it on the big screen and relieve the episode in a different way.

After all, it was already done before with another Disney+ series Ahsoka when its fifth episode was screened in select cinemas hours before it became available on the service.

They could also turn it into a one-night event with special appearances from the cast, who wasn't able to promote the season while it was airing, and that could incentivize the experience for fans to make it feel more special.

Let's wait and see whether it will end up happening in the coming weeks, but it is certainly an exciting possibility for the fans of the series.

All episodes of Loki are available to watch on Disney+.

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