Will Loki Be in Deadpool 3? Rumors, Theories, & Predictions for the MCU Threequel

Loki the God of Stories
Credit: Marvel

Loki the God of Stories
Credit: Marvel

Deadpool 3 will mark the Merc with the Mouth's official entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Considering this will entail the possibility of tampering with the Multiverse, will Loki be in the MCU threequel? Here's everything we know.

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Mobius M. Mobius is Part of Deadpool 3

Owen Wilson as Mobius
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Credit: Marvel

Deadpool 3 is one of the most highly anticipated FoxVerse movies joining the MCU. Frankly, not only will it bring in more mutants into the cinematic universe, but would also canonize Deadpool's existence within the Multiverse.

The MCU threequel may have no official storyline yet, however, this year's most recent report has had a small speculation on what could unravel in Deadpool 3, which you can read below (via TheDirect):

"In Deadpool 3, Deadpool will use Cable's time travel machine to save Wolverine before his death in 2029 and they end up lost in the Multiverse being pursued by Mobius."

It's worth mentioning that this has not been confirmed by either Marvel or Disney, so it's still best to take the accuracy of this synopsis with a grain of salt.

But it is undoubtedly similar to how Deadpool 2's post-credit scenes fully indicate the connection to the potential threequel's plot.

Cable and Negasonic Teenage Warhead were initially involved in their appearances about time travel, but since Marvel acquired Cable's character, they couldn't use him for the next movie, which means the MCU would be making use of this tandem.

Not to mention, Mobius' involvement would mean the Time Variance Authority is on the Merc's tail. Could this mean Loki will be, too?

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What Could Loki's Role Be in Deadpool 3?

Loki potential Deadpool 3 role
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Credit: Marvel

With Mobius getting in the way of protecting the Time Variance Authority and the Sacred Timeline, this poses the possibility that we'll also see the former God of Mischief, now known as the God of Stories, Loki, in Deadpool 3.

After recently making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Loki series star Tom Hiddleston had already said his sentiments on the matter of potentially being a part of Deadpool 3.

Here's what he had to say about the speculation:

"I mean, I know they're making Deadpool 3. It's a very good question. I'm thinking of all the answers I could give it. I know that Ryan Reynolds, he, like, owns a football team in the UK. A soccer team."

This wouldn't be the first time that Marvel or any actors included under the MCU would feign innocence on what their future in the billion-dollar franchise holds. To avoid spoilers and deflating the fans' expectations, that is.

But if we think about Loki's involvement, his new role as the God of Stories would pit him in another god-like position in the entirety of the Multiverse.

What remains to be seen, really, is whether we'll get to see him actually interact with Mobius and Deadpool, seeing as he has a throne to watch and make use of in protecting the Sacred Timeline.

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