Frieren, Oshi no Ko, A Sign of Affection Feature in 2024 Kodansha Manga Awards Nominations

kodansha manga awards 2024 frieren
Credit: Madhouse

kodansha manga awards 2024 frieren
Credit: Madhouse

Kodansha announced the complete list of nominees for the 2024 Kodansha Manga Awards, and it includes popular titles such as Frieren, Oshi no Ko, and more.

This upcoming award is the 48th edition, and it features both new nominees as well as manga that have been nominated before but have not yet won.

All You Need to Know about the Kodansha Awards

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Credit: P.A. Works

Kodansha is a major Japanese publisher best known in the manga world for Weekly Shonen Magazine, one of the top manga magazines that are home to titles such as Edens Zero, Go Go Loser Ranger, and Blue Lock.

Much like other Japanese publishers, Kodansha has an annual manga award, which began in 1977.

It is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry alongside the Shogakukan Manga Awards and the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.

Since 2015, the awards have been split into three categories: Shonen, Shojo, and General. Only one manga gets the prize for each category every year.

Last year, Shangri-La Frontier, My Girlfriend’s Child, and Skip and Loafer took home the award for each respective category.

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Frieren, Oshi no Ko Lead 2024 Kodansha Manga Awards Nominations

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Credit: Doga Kobo

For the 2024 awards, Kodansha announced the 15 nominees via its official website. Even though it’s an award by Kodansha, the titles in the awards also include manga from other publishers.

Here is the list of nominees divided by category:

Best Shonen Manga

  • The Fragrant Flower Blooms With Dignity by Saka Mikami
  • Gachiakuta by Kei Urana
  • Frieren: Beyond Journey's End by Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe
  • Tank Chair by Manabu Yashiro
  • Daemons of the Shadow Realm by Hiromu Arakawa

Best Shojo Manga

  • In the Clear Moonlit Dusk by Mika Yamamori
  • I See Your Face, Turned Away by Rumi Ichinohe
  • Firefly Wedding by Oreco Tachibana
  • A Sign of Affection by Suu Morishita

Best General Manga

  • Oshi no Ko by Aka Akasaka
  • The Darwin Incident by Shun Umezawa
  • Chiikawa by Nagano
  • Nagatan to Ao to: Ichika no Ryoricho by Yuki Isoya
  • Bokyo Taro by Yoshihiro Yamada

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When Will the 2024 Kodansha Manga Awards Winners Be Revealed?

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Credit: Ajia-do

The 2024 Kodansha Manga Awards winners will be announced on May 14, 2024. As last year’s winners were announced online, Kodansha will likely reveal the winners through its official online platforms as well on that day.

Which of the nominees do you think should win each category? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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