Khloe Kardashian Shock: Reality Star Posts Sexy Pics Amid Astroworld Tragedy, Accused Of Being 'Tone Deaf'

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Fans slammed Khloe Kardashian after she posted several sultry pictures of herself on social media just days after the Astroworld tragedy. Her followers lambasted the "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" star for posting the pictures amid the ongoing investigation into the concert, which had resulted in the deaths of eight people.

The older Kardashian, whose sister Kylie Jenner is Travis Scott's girlfriend, published pictures of herself wearing a form-filling mesh outfit that showed off her curves. Khloe published three different pictures, including one where she is shown combing her long blond hair and another with her striking a pose in front of a white wall.

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The sexy pictures posted just days after the tragic Astroworld concert sparked anger amongst fans. Some fans called out the 37-year-old celebrity for being insensitive to the victims, most of whom haven't even been buried yet. Khloe's followers flooded the comment section of her post with criticism, including a majority calling her "tone-deaf."

Some fans also questioned her timing in posting the pictures, given that new details about the tragic concert are still emerging. This includes reports revealing that one of the concertgoers has recently been declared brain dead after suffering serious injuries during the crowd surge at the concert.

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The World Is Watching


One of Khloe's followers mentioned in the comment section that the Kardashians should be careful about what they post as the entire world is watching them. The follower added that maybe they could lay off posting vanity pictures for a week or so, given the magnitude of what had happened at Scott's concert.

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Another follower told Khloe to "read the room," as her family had just witnessed the deaths of several people. Other comments on the post expressed the same sentiments, mostly blasting Khloe for posting the pictures given the current situation.

Social Media Doesn't Care

The reality television star has not yet released a statement in response to Scott's tragic concert. She hasn't personally commented on the event either in any of her recent social media posts.

However, she did repost Kim Kardashian's statement on her Instagram stories. Like Scott and Kylie's statements, Kim said she was "heartbroken" about what had happened. She added that her family is still in shock about the tragedy – except maybe Khloe – and that they are "truly devastated" about the deaths.

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Khloe's sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, both attended Scott's concert last week. Kendall also recently received public backlash after she chose to keep a photo of herself standing behind the stage, promoting Scott's concert.

Jenner had changed the message after the incident on Friday night, using only a mountain top emoji to refer to the rapper's Utopia Mountain stage. Users chastised the 26-year-old model for keeping the photo on her Facebook page despite the tragic incident.

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