Kevin Smith Reveals His Cancelled Disney+ Series

Kevin Smith is a director usually known for raunchy films like Clerks and Mallrats, so it's kind of surprising to find out that he had a series planned for Disney+.

In a recent episode of his podcast Fatman Beyond(via Attractions Magazine), Smith has revealed that he was set to work on a Kingdom Keepers series for Disney, even getting access to the special tech that was used for The Mandalorian. He says:

"I saw that wall in real life, when we were working on the Disney, uh… when we were working on the potential Disney+ show Kingdom Keepers. They brought me in for, like, a tech day, and they were like, ‘this wall here can duplicate any background.'"

If you're unfamiliar with Kingdom Keepers, it's a series of novels by Ridley Pearson. The story follows the adventures of five teens who would work as hosts for the Disney theme parks by day, and by night they battle Disney villains from taking control of the park—it's basically Night at the Museum, but Disney.

As it turns out, the project was canceled because it ‘used too much Disney IP'. Smith reveals in a tweet:

With shows like Descendants already making use of several Disney villains, I wonder why Disney wasn't so keen on having all of their IP in one show. If anything, it's going to be a lot of great brand synergy. Imagine the hype if they also included villains from Star Wars and Marvel parks?

For now, Smith has moved on to other projects, with him developing a He-Man show for Netflix. We don't know how that's going to turn out, but hopefully, we get some kind of trailer soon.

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