Kate Middleton Shock: Prince William’s Wife Looking For A New School For Prince George, Princess Charlotte? Cambridges Reportedly Relocating This Summer

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Kate Middleton and Prince William put so much importance on their children’s education. As of late, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are enrolled at Thomas’s Battersea, which is one of the most prestigious schools in Britain. But sources are claiming that the siblings might move to a different school in the coming school year. After all, the Cambridges are also planning to leave their home at Kensington Palace.

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Relocating To Windsor This Summer


According to Marie Claire, Kate Middleton and Prince William have also been spending time at Anmer Hall in recent years. But this summer, the Cambridges could relocate to Windsor because Queen Elizabeth already made this her permanent home.

The royal couple has reportedly been looking at private homes because they don’t have plans to stay at Fort Belvedere or Frogmore House. Prince William and Middleton don’t also have any intention to reside at Windsor Castle. If the move pushes through, it would only make sense for Middleton and Prince William to also look at potential schools for their children.

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Kate Middleton’s Children Could Transfer To A Different School


There are claims that Prince George could enroll at Lambrook School in Ascot next school year. Other sources are suggesting that Prince George would most likely be enrolled at Marlborough College because this is also where Middleton studied. And since the institution is co-ed, Prince George and Princess Charlotte could go to the same school.


However, nothing has been finalized just yet. And Prince William and Middleton have not confirmed or denied their plans to relocate or stay at Kensington Palace. But even if this is the case, multiple sources have been insisting that a move is looming.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Want To Be Closer To Queen Elizabeth

While speaking with Express, royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti said that there are a ton of reasons why Prince William and Middleton might want to ditch Kensington Palace. But one of the biggest reasons for their possible move is the queen, who lost her husband last year.


“She’s had a pretty tough year, including losing Prince Philip, and one doesn’t picture the Queen alone... She’s definitely going to be feeling a sense of solitude related to losing her husband, something that many people will be familiar with. If William and Kate move to be closer to her, that could certainly help in that respect, and indeed [to have] children there,” Sacerdoti said.

Other than the queen, it would also be much easier for Prince William and Middleton to travel to London if they stay in Windsor. After all, commuting from Norfolk to London takes a couple of hours.

Prince William, Kate Middleton Want Berkshire To Be Their Permanent Home

But earlier this year, other sources claimed that Prince William and Middleton would be moving to Berkshire. After all, this is where the Duchess of Cambridge grew up in.


“It’s where Kate was raised and the place they feel most comfortable as a family whenever they go to visit which is a lot more often than people realize. The country life suits them so much better in terms of the pace and environment, plus it’s not too far from London when they need to commute,” a source told Us Weekly.

And on another occasion, another source claimed that Middleton has always wanted to live in the countryside, and this is what Berkshire is all about. Additionally, Berkshire would reportedly allow the Cambridges to lead very private lives.

“The plan is to spend plenty more time with the Middletons in [Bucklebury], which won’t be far from the new residence William and Kate have earmarked as their new primary residence. The whole family is extremely excited and can’t wait." Well if they're excited, so am I!” the source added.

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