Kate Middleton Shock: Duchess Of Cambridge Has Secret Nicknames For Each Other? Prince William’s Wife Reportedly Childlike, Calls Him This

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have been together for over a decade and just like any other couple, they have hilarious nicknames for each other. But as members of the royal family, the public wouldn’t normally hear them call each other using their hilarious nicknames because this is usually done in private.

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Kate Middleton, Prince William’s Hilarious Nicknames For Each Other Revisited


According to Express, one of Middleton’s nicknames for Prince William is “baldy,” and it’s not difficult to figure out why. Over the years, the Duke of Cambridge lost a considerable amount of hair. And today, he’s almost completely bald so the nickname definitely suits him.

Prince William, on the other hand, calls his wife DoD at times. This refers to Duchess of Dolittle, which is a subtle dig at Middleton following Queen Elizabeth’s alleged remarks from years ago.

At the start of the royal couple’s relationship, sources revealed that the queen had some concerns about Middleton. After all, she seemed lazy because she never had a full-time job.

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Use Different Names When They Travel Overseas

Other than these hilarious nicknames, Prince William and Middleton also go by different names every time they travel overseas. To protect their identities, Prince William reportedly uses the name Danny Collins and Middleton uses Daphne Clark.

At first glance, these two names do not seem to have any connection to Prince William and Middleton. But the truth is, it does. After all, the initials DC could also refer to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


A source previously said that the members of the royal family have unique ways of calling each other and with reason.

“The royals are not very good at communicating with one another so this is one way around it. Nicknames are a way of taking the family tension out of things. They can also be a rather childlike family,” the source said.

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Royal Family Members’ Nicknames Revealed

Some of the royal family members’ nicknames have been revealed throughout the years. In 2006, it was revealed that Prince Philip fondly called Queen Elizabeth cabbage. And the queen’s great-grandchildren also refer to her as Gan-Gan.

When Prince William was much younger, he reportedly had a hard time saying the word grandma or granny. So, he ended up calling the queen Gary. The Duke of Cambridge also grew up being referred to as Wombat by Princess Diana. And Prince Harry once joked that this was because Prince William was lazy.

In 2018, royal fans heard Prince Harry calling Meghan Markle “Meg,” which is just a shortened version of the Duchess of Sussex’s name. And before she quit The Firm, Markle formed a close bond with Prince Charles, who called her Tungsten, which is a metal with the highest melting point.


Years ago, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles also called each other Fred and Gladys. And Prince Harry was also called Spike by his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

At Thomas’s Battersea, Prince George’s classmates call him PG, and Princess Charlotte is best known as Lottie, according to Good to Know.

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