Kate Middleton Shock: Duchess Of Cambridge Flirts With Husband Prince William During Caribbean Tour, Still On A Mission For A Fourth Baby?

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Kate Middleton showed off her playful side when she and Prince William immersed themselves with the locals in Belize. The Duchess of Cambridge even flirted with her husband during the visit.

Kate Middleton Seemingly Flirts With Prince William While Dancing With The Locals In Belize

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a great time during their visit to Belize as they kicked off their Caribbean tour. The royal couple visited the coastal town of Hopkins in Belize on Sunday. They were shown around the village and they immersed themselves at the Garifuna Cultural Centre.


One netizen shared a clip of Kate Middleton dancing with the locals on Twitter. In the short video, the future queen consort playfully flirted with her husband as she swayed her hips and walked towards him. The future king laughed as he watched his wife approaching him while the locals cheered on them.

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Several netizens commented on the video joking that Middleton was trying to convince her husband to have another baby. The Duchess of Cambridge, who is an advocate of early childhood development, admitted she feels broody when around children, but her husband doesn't want to have more kids.

"She wants that fourth baby!" one supporter wrote.

"Number 4 and 5 on the way!!!!" another commented, referring to Prince William and Middleton having fourth and fifth children.

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"Still in [the] mission of another baby Cambridge maybe," another netizen added with laughing emojis.


Royal fans loved the sweet moment between Prince William and Middleton because they rarely pack on the PDA. Also, the adorable clip only shows that they are still very much into each other. Meanwhile, some netizens believed that Prince William was enjoying it when his wife danced for him.

"And William looks like he’s really enjoying watching Catherine move and flirt with him," another wrote.

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Kate Middleton Wants Another Baby, But Prince William Doesn't

In February, Kate Middleton flew to Denmark during a solo royal tour to learn more about early childhood development. When she visited the University of Copenhagen and met the parents and babies there, the duchess shared an intimate story, about her feeling "very broody" around babies.

"It makes me very broody," Middleton said, per People. "William always worries about me meeting under one-year-olds. I come home saying, 'Let's have another one.'"

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However, Middleton also previously shared that her husband has no plans of having more kids. In 2019, during their visit to Northern Ireland, Middleton said she felt "broody" while meeting a 5-month-old baby. The infant's dad asked her, "baby number four?" and the duchess laughed while saying, her husband "would be a little worried."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William, Kate Middleton and other members of the royal family.

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