Kate Middleton, Prince William’s Marriage Succeeded Because of Their 10-Year Courtship? Duchess of Cambridge Praised for Giving Herself Time to Learn the Royal Ropes

Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton and Prince William have taken over two new royal titles and roles. As the new Prince and Princess of Wales, so much more is expected from the royal couple, but their supporters are confident that they wouldn’t disappoint. After all, they both had ample time to learn the royal ropes.

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Kate Middleton Continues To Gain Praises And Respect As The New Princess Of Wales

In her book The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown, royal author Katie Nicholl pointed out that comparisons between Kate Middleton and the other royal wives are not uncommon because of their position in the royal family.

However, the current Princess of Wales stands out because she is still happily married to the heir to the throne, Prince William. On the contrary, some royal wives like Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson ended up getting divorced.

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Kate Middleton’s 10-Year Courtship With Prince William Helped Her Prepare For Her Royal Role

According to Nicholl, Middleton has been successful in her role as a senior working royal because she has the support and guidance of Prince William. The couple’s 10-year courtship also worked wonders in keeping their love alive to this day.

“I think you look to the new Princess of Wales because she married as a commoner and is the first commoner in hundreds of years to marry a future king. And she has made remarkable success in that role. I think the 10-year courtship that she and William had was really crucial to her success as a royal. William said it at the time of their engagement, and it had been a long engagement. It gave Kate the time to really understand what royal life was going to be like and actually [decide] if it was what she wanted. So, I think that 10-year courtship was absolutely fundamental,” Nicholl said (via Yahoo! News).

The royal author added that the 10-year courtship gave Prince William and Middleton enough time to have a solid foundation as a couple. And it also gave the latter time to learn everything that she needed to learn as the future queen consort.

“And, you know, I think it’s to Kate’s great credit as she steps into those very big shoes to fill as the Princess of Wales, that her greatest success has been to carve her own role within the royal family to create an identity of her own. And actually, that’s not easy. It’s not easy [to be] in the shadow of Diana, but she’s managed to do it, I think,” she said.

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British Monarchy Is Safe With Prince William, Kate Middleton

Over the years, Middleton has also been dubbed as one of the most reliable members of the royal family. And she has also largely avoided scandals that plagued the other royals like Prince Andrew and Prince Harry.

Nicholl believes that the British monarchy is in safe hands, and it’s because of Prince William and Middleton.

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