Kate Middleton, Prince William Heartbreak: Family Photo On Christmas Card Criticized For Not Being Festive

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Kate Middleton and Prince William released a new family photo, which would be featured in their Christmas card for 2021. The picture received mixed responses from the netizens.

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Kate Middleton And Prince William's New Christmas Card Family Photo Criticized


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posed alongside their three children — Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3, in their new family photo released on social media. The family announced that the snap will be featured in their 2021 Christmas card. However, some didn't approve of the photo because it lacked the spirit of Christmas. One said it wasn't festive enough for the holiday season.

"Nice photo, but there is nothing Christmasy or festive about it. On the contrary, it looks like it has been taken in a camp in a desert because those are typical Arabian red cushions used during camping in deserts," one netizen commented.

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"Very strange picture. You need to sack whoever thought this makes any sense - ESPECIALLY this year! At least, CH hits the right note. This photo is trying too hard to appear 'normal'. Which normal family goes on holiday to take this type of over-posed, stilted photo?!?!?!" another added.

One defended the Cambridges because the photo was shot in Jordan during a family vacation and the place is significant to the season.

"A few hours away from the site of Jesus's baptism and an hour away from the site of his birth?" another replied.

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The photo also sparked another round of comparison between the Sussexes and Cambridges from their fans and supporters.

One sarcastically asked whose private jet Prince William and Middleton used for their family trip. Another responded by saying, the same one Prince Harry and Meghan Markle use used when they flew to New York in September.

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Kate Middleton And Prince William's Kids All Grown-Ups In The Family Photo

The majority of the netizens praised the Cambridge's family photo. Many also noticed how fast the kids have grown up.

One said, "They grow too fast" referring to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The same netizen said "baby boss Louis" is not a baby anymore and his big sister has grown into a beautiful girl.

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"Lovely photo - Louis has changed the most! What a beautiful family," another fan commented.

"Omg look at you guys!! Such a beautiful family. The kids are all grown up!!! Thank you so much for this amazing surprise," a third added.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton, Prince William and their family.

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