Justice League Snyder Cut Could Reveal Evil Superman

The demand for Zack Snyder's own cut of Justice League is still going strong and there seems to be a good reason for that. Thousands of fans believe that the Snyder cut will actually reveal a different side of what should have happened in the DC Extended Universe flick. For instance, it could reveal why Superman became evil in the Knightmare sequence of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

There is little doubt that the Snyder cut will be longer and feature more footage. However, it could also confirm that there was a completely different script being planned for the movie. Screenrant reports that the original script for Justice League featured Darkseid killing Lois Lane, causing Superman to join forces with Apokolips. This should explain why Kal-El despises Bruce Wayne so much in the Knightmare sequence.

So does this mean that Evil Superman was supposed to be the real villain in Justice League? Not necessarily, since Snyder had scrapped the original script. Nevertheless, it seems like there was always set to be a version of the Man of Steel who goes bad in the film. However, Superman's evil ways may have been altered and this could be one of the reasons why certain scenes were reshot.

It's easy to see which scenes had to be reshot if you pay attention to Superman's upper lip. Warner Bros. famously had to remove Henry Cavill's mustache digitally for the reshoots and let's face it, that wasn't done very well.

Some of these scenes were the opening sequence where Kal-El gives an interview to children as well as the exchange between the newly resurrected Superman and Batman. Both scenes seemed to depict the Man of Steel as one of the good guys (although he's just the angry confused guy in the latter one). Again, it could be proof that Superman's role was altered in the final cut.

So are we ever going to get the Snyder Cut? Warner Bros. has yet to address the possibility. In the meantime, the fans will continue to find ways to make themselves heard.

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