Johnny Depp Shock: Is There Any Other Woman Who Accused The Pirates Of The Caribbean Star Abusive And Violent Aside From Amber Heard As Libel Trial Begins?

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Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for an op-ed in 2018 where she shared her experience after surviving domestic abuse. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor accused the Aquaman star of libel because he believed the write-up was about him even if she didn't mention his name.

Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard Libel Trial Begins

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are back in the court for his libel case against his ex-wife. The libel lawsuit trial began in Fairfax, Virginia, Monday, where the Minamata actor accused Heard of falsely portraying him as a domestic abuser over an op-ed she wrote in The Washington Post in 2018 where she referred to herself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse."


The jury selection has already begun. Both Depp and Heard's fans rallied outside the court to show their support for the celebrities. Depp's fans were holding signs "Justice for Johnny" or pirate flags. However, both were not allowed to pose for photos or sign autographs.

Depp also filed a separate lawsuit against a British magazine for calling him a wife-beater. However, he lost the case with the judge ruling that the allegation was "substantially true" and his petition to appeal was denied.

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Is Johnny Depp Abusive? Is There Any Other Woman Who Shares Amber Heard's Allegations Against Him?

In the recent episode of Court House, host Vincent Joseph "Vinnie" Politan interviewed film producer Robert Vale about Johnny Depp as he personally knew the actor. According to Vale, Depp "has always been a gentleman and one of the nicest guys in the business I've ever met."

He also added that Depp "has always been a class act." When asked about Amber Heard's allegations against Depp, Vale said he didn't believe it, but noted that no one really knows what happened behind the close doors. The actress claimed that Depp was abusive and violent when they were together.

Politan noted that in Hollywood when one is being accused by one person, all of a sudden, other victims come forward.


"But we haven't seen that with Johnny Depp," he noted before asking Vale about Depp's career. Vale believed that the public will still embrace Depp if he wins the case and if he proved himself that he is not a domestic abuser because Hollywood and the public "loves a comeback story."

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Although most of Depp's exes supported him, one woman came forward and actually shared Heard's allegation against Depp. Ellen Barkin gave the British court deposition about her time with the Fantastic Beasts actor.

She claimed that when they were dating, he allegedly had thrown a wine of bottle at her. However, Depp said Barkin's allegation was due to a grudge.

"A sexual element began with Ms. Barkin which lasted for months on and off really because she was making the film I was making at the time, 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' and I suppose her desires were ... She wanted more than a relationship, she wanted a proper relationship with me and I did not want that," Depp said, per Daily Mail. "I didn't feel the same about her as she did me and I suppose from that moment on she became very, very angry and since then I have not spoken to Ms. Barkin. Nor has Ms. Barkin spoken to me."

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Johnny Depp's Exes Winona Ryder And Vanessa Paradis Sided With Him


Johnny Depp received his exes Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder's support amid the domestic abuse allegation against him from Amber Heard. Paradis who had known Depp for over 25 years, who had been with him for 14 years while raising their two children, said he was never abusive to her.

"Through all these years I've known Johnny to be a kind, attentive, generous, and non-violent person and father," Paradis said, per Daily Mail. "He was never violent or abusive to me."

Ryder, who was previously engaged to Depp in the 1990s for three years, also said she never experienced any violence or harassment when they were together.

"I cannot wrap my head around (Ms Heard's) accusations," Ryder said in her statement. "He was never, never violent towards me. He was never, never abusive at all towards me."

Meanwhile, Heard's spokesperson insisted that Ryder and Paradis' experience does not speak to whether he is the perpetrator of domestic violence or not.

"In relation to Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder's evidence, we are glad they did not have the same experience as Ms Heard. However, one woman's experience does not determine the experience of another woman," Heard's spokesperson said.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's legal battle.

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