Jenna Ortega Debuts on ‘SNL,’ Says Fuss Over Her Wednesday Dance Was Disorienting, Reveals She Has Not Rewatched the Particular Scene

Credit: Access/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Access/YouTube Screenshot

Jenna Ortega recently made her debut on Saturday Night Live. While there, the former child star poked fun at her face and explained why she thinks producers and directors cast her in dark and twisted roles.

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Jenna Ortega Pokes Fun At Her Face During Saturday Night Live Debut

According to Jenna Ortega, there's something about her face that makes directors and producers think that throwing blood on it would look good on screen.

"I think there's just something about my face where people see it, and they're like, 'Hey! Let's throw blood on that,'" she joked (via People).

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Jenna Ortega Reveals Fred Armisen Was One Of The Reasons Why She Watched SNL Growing Up

During her stint in Saturday Night Live, Ortega also shared the stage with her Wednesday co-star, Fred Armisen, who played the role of Uncle Fester in the hit Netflix series.

The duo recreated a scene from The Parent Trap, and they also highlighted the fact that Armisen starred in Saturday Night Live for several years. According to Ortega, her co-star was the main reason why she enjoyed watching the sketch show growing up.

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Jenna Ortega Calls Fuss Over Wednesday Dance 'Disorienting'

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Meanwhile, Ortega also sat down for an interview with the Times, where she talked about her viral dance on Wednesday. She said that she was hoping that viewers wouldn't focus on it so much and added that the fuss over her dance was disorienting.

"When they were telling me [it was going viral] I was trying to seem uplifted about it, like, 'Oh, wow!' But mentally, in my head, I was hoping people wouldn't pay so much attention to that part. It's disorientating. I don't think people are naturally designed to have that many eyes on them," she said (via Yahoo! News).

Ortega also revealed that she has not re-watched the iconic dance from Wednesday because the perfectionist in her tends to look for what she did wrong and what she didn't do.

"Some actors watch their work like game-day footage like they're athletes. I completely understand, but I really can't. If I have to go to a screening of something I did, which is very rare, a lot of the times I'll say, 'Mmmm, no,' but if I do I try to go to the bathroom as many times as possible, or I'll randomly take a phone call, like, I have to get out," she said.

Despite the success of Wednesday, Ortega admitted that starring in a hit project can be off-putting at times.

"I used to do a Disney show when I was younger. I was a little bit of a public figure, used to get recognized, or whatever. When I look back, I think I was so out of place. I didn't understand where I was… and you start to see Hollywood for the first time, and it's a bit intimidating, a bit off-putting… I felt like I was a people's princess. I didn't really feel like myself. Then it started to slow down and I lived a pretty normal life," she explained.

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