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James Gunn Debunks Disinformation Regarding Poison Ivy's Contender

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Marvel Studios' Karen Gillan recently shared that she wants to play Poison Ivy for the DC Universe, and now that the character’s name is getting attention online, a rumor has emerged that a new actor is being eyed to play the antihero.

A fan asked James Gunn on Twitter if there’s any truth that Dominique McElligott is the main contender to play Poison Ivy, and given that the filmmaker is one to crash any false information about his DCU, he immediately answered.

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Now that this hearsay is put to rest, the possibility of Gillan playing the DC character is more visible than ever. Given that the actress is done putting on the prosthetics to portray Nebula for Marvel, she is ready to take on another challenge in her career.

Gunn, who created the Guardians of the Galaxy for the MCU, is now building a revamped universe for DC, and with its promised Chapter 1 slate, he and Peter Safran are expected to introduce old and new characters to the franchise.

Uma Thurman last played Poison Ivy in a live-action feature in 1997's Batman & Robin. If Poison Ivy gets cast in a future Batman film, The Brave and the Bold and Matt Reeves' sequel to The Batman could be possible destinations.

However, earlier this month, a fan asked the Peacemaker creator on Twitter, “Is it true these stories are a Poison Ivy movie in Matt [Reeves'] universe? [sic],” to which the director simply replied, “Nope.”

If the supervillain fails to appear in any Batman offerings, there are many upcoming DC projects that she could likely be involved in. After all, the unveiled first slate is just the cream of the crop of what’s waiting for the new DCU.

Gunn’s final contribution to the MCU is receiving rave reviews, and for now, most of his fans have their eyes set on GotG Vol. 3, as it aims to present the Guardians in a way that they haven't seen before.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 debuts in cinemas on May 5.

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