It’s Actually Coming Out! Death Stranding Gets a November Release Date

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The leaks were true; Hideo Kojima's highly-anticipated Death Stranding is coming out THIS YEAR and is coming out on PS4 on November 8. Most fans thought that this would end up being a PlayStation 5 game so the fact that it's still coming out on PS4 this year has fans pumped up. We also got a brand-new trailer that actually showed off some of the open-world gameplay and it looks interesting, to say the least.

It's still hard to understand what's going on, especially with all the vague quotes that pop up throughout the trailer but we do see some combat, stealth, gunplay, and vehicle usage. We also see some crazy set pieces, going from a nice mountainside to, what looks like, a creepy version of World War II.

Norman Reedus' character, named Sam, also looks a bit different since his hair has been tied up. The trailer also gives everyone else's name, though most of us are going to associate them with their real names. Still, it's a really cool eight-minute trailer and fans are going crazy about it.

Here is hoping that the PS4 exclusive is going to be a great title since Sony's PS4 exclusives now have this aura of greatness. Death Stranding is coming out on November 8; who else is pumped?

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