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It: Chapter Two Writer Comments on Andy Muschietti's Supercut

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It's no secret that Stephen King's It was a long (but not necessarily boring) novel that had to be cut into two feature films. But what are the chances that a 'Supercut' of the two movies will actually be released? It: Chapter Two screenwriter Gary Dauberman has addressed the possibility that the 'Supercut' could be made available and offered his thoughts on why it might not be a good idea.

Dauberman recently spoke to ComicBookMovie about Chapter Two and he even confirmed that director Andy Muschietti is still planning to release the Supercut but he isn't exactly ecstatic about the idea.

"I know Andy has an idea about a 'supercut' which I would love to see but we cut things for a reason so if there was something I desperately wanted to see or wanted put in there, we could have found a way to put it in," Dauberman said. "That's not to say that the stuff that's not in there isn't great but we put the stuff that's in the movie there because that's what makes it better."

Of course, that doesn't mean that Dauberman isn't open to a possible Supercut, especially if that's what people are asking for.

"I can't think of anything offhand where I'd say I wish we hadn't cut that and I can't wait for people to see but I think there's plenty of things there that fans would love to check out if there was to be a 'supercut,'" he concluded.

Sure, the Supercut sounds like a cool idea if you're interested in watching a five-hour film that follows the book's erratic style (in case you forgot, it switches back and forth between the past and the present). However, it's still unclear if the new version will even be released. Nevertheless, we'll keep you updated on this story.

It: Chapter Two is currently available on digital.

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