Is Beast Tamer Based on a Manga or Light Novel, and Is It Finished or Ongoing?

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Is Beast Tamer Based on a Manga or Light Novel and Is It Finished or Ongoing Kanade
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Beast Tamer follows the life of a young boy who gets banished from the Hero Party and decides to go on a new adventure alone. The main protagonist, Rein, is a Beast Tamer who meets powerful beings on his journey, but is Beast Tamer based on a light novel or manga, and is it finished or ongoing?

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Beast Tamer – From Zero to Hero

The anime revolves around a Beast Tamer named Rein who fights alongside the hero, Arios, and his team to defeat the Demon King.

However, one day, his party declares him useless and banishes him from the group. Rein then decides to lead the carefree life of an adventurer.

In order to become an adventurer, Rein is supposed to pass a test. During the test, he crosses paths with a girl named Kanade who was getting attacked by a monster.

Later, he finds out that Kanade belongs to the Tribe of Cat People, which is one of the strongest species.

Arios from Beast Tamer

Kanade becomes attracted to Rein’s abilities and asks him if he would like to tame her.

Eventually, Rein forms a contract with Kanade and starts a new phase of his life as an adventurer.

Meanwhile, Arios and his party take notice of Rein’s increased power and want him back in their group. Will Rein join the Hero Party again?

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Is Beast Tamer Based on a Light Novel or Manga?

Is Beast Tamer Based on a Light Novel or Manga Kanade Tania and Rein

The Beast Tamer anime is based on a light novel titled Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou sareta Beast Tamer, Saikyoushu no Nekomimi Shoujo to Deau or The Beast Tamer Exiled From the Hero’s Party and the Cat Eared Girl From the Strongest Race Meet in English.

The light novel is written by Miyama Suzu and illustrated by Hotosouka.

The light novel was first launched by Miyama on Shosetsuka ni Naro’s (Let’s Be Novelists) website in June 2018.

A year later in 2019, the light novel was adapted by Moto Shigemura into a manga on Manga UP! by Square Enix.

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Is Beast Tamer Finished or Ongoing?

Is Beast Tamer Finished or Ongoing Rein

The light novel in which the Beast Tamer anime is based on is still ongoing. The first volume came out in May 2019 and the eighth volume was released in July 2022.

Similarly, the manga is still ongoing, and Square Enix published the seventh volume on September 7, 2022.

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Here's Where You Can Read Beast Tamer Online

Where to Read Beast Tamer Online Tania

Unfortunately, there are no websites or apps where fans can legally read the Beast Tamer light novel for free right now.

However, the Beast Tamer manga chapters are officially released on the Manga UP! app which is available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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