Is Arnold Hein Evil in 7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life?

is arnold hein evil 7th time loop

is arnold hein evil 7th time loop

7th Time Loop is just on its second episode, yet many romance anime fans are already hooked. Aside from why Rishe is in a time loop, the question ‘Is Arnold Hein evil in 7th Time Loop?’ is no doubt at the forefront of many fans’ minds.

It may not be at the top of the Winter 24 season, but the 7th Time Loop anime has quickly gotten a sizeable audience, especially among romance and otome game fans thanks to its intriguing time loop premise.

Spoiler Warning: There are minor spoilers from the 7th Time Loop light novel series in this article.

7th Time Loop: Rishe’s Time Loop in Detail

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Officially titled 7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!, this new anime is based on a popular light novel series that began in 2020.

The series follows Rishe Weitzner, a girl who is stuck on a time loop. In these loops, Rishe always ends up dying five years after her engagement with the crown prince is annulled.

During each of these loops, Rishe takes on different jobs, including being a merchant, herbalist, maid, and knight. Whatever she does though, she always dies at age 20 because of the Hyne Kingdom’s actions.

Now on her seventh loop, Rishe encounters Arnold Hein, the crown prince of the Hyne Kingdom – and the direct cause of her death in her sixth time loop.

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Rishe and Arnold’s Unique Relationship

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As Arnold’s actions caused Rishe’s death in her previous six time loops, she was wary about Arnold when she met him. Through the turn of events in the first episode, Arnold is drawn to Rishe and asks her to marry him.

Instead of saying no, Rishe accepts Arnold’s proposal. Rishe’s goal is to figure out why Arnold becomes the tyrant that he is in the various time loops that she has experienced.

Despite Rishe’s knowledge of the Hyne Kingdom’s atrocities under Arnold in previous time loops, she is shocked by how kind and caring he is so far in the seventh time loop.

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So, Is Arnold Hein Evil in 7th Time Loop? Explained

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Based on the previous time loops experienced by Rishe, there’s no doubt that Arnold Hein is evil. After all, the Hyne Kingdom commits numerous evil acts in the previous timelines, not to mention that Hein kills his father.

In the current time loop though, Arnold is shown to be kind, leading Rishe to believe that a future event will cause him to become evil.

This is the central plot point that the story explores, and at this time, it’s not clear yet what turns Arnold evil. In the light novels, it’s not explained yet what turns Arnold into a cold tyrant.

The 7th Time Loop anime will continue with Episode 3, which will be streamed on Crunchyroll this weekend as part of the platform’s Winter 24 lineup.

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