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Did Hori and Miyamura Do It?

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Did Hori and Miyamura Do It in Horimiya Episode 7?
Credit: CloverWorks

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces aired during the Summer 2023 anime season, but viewers are still hooked on Episode 7 from the first season! That's because of the controversial intimate moment between Hori and Miyamura. So, did Hori and Miyamura do it in Horimiya Episode 7?

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Horimiya anime and manga series.

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Horimiya: A Comforting and Nostalgic Romance Anime

Horimiya is a hidden gem anime that CloverWorks has unearthed. It also gave life to the shounen manga series by Hiroki Adachi and has been a huge success for the production company.

In fact, Horimiya made it to the top of the charts due to its complex and engaging story, with more and more fans becoming engrossed in it and what occurs next.

Horimiya follows the story of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, who have characteristics on opposite sides of the pole.

While Hori is an amiable person with a notable intellect, Miyamura is a gentle loner who has been struggling with academics. When the two meet, they prove that opposites really do attract.

The viewers and fans are captivated by the nostalgic feeling that the series gives off, bringing them back to the time when high school was the center of everyone's universe.

This was also the time when they had their first love and first heartbreak, when popularity was key, and when everyone had their lives and dreams ahead of them.

To top it all off, the opening song of Horimiya matches its feel as it brings a light and youthful vibe to the series.

Did Hori and Miyamura Do It in Horimiya Episode 7?

In the seventh episode of the anime, titled You're Here, I'm Here, Miyamura went on a vacation with his family for almost five days.

Unfortunately, Miyamura forgot his charger, and his phone died, leaving Hori worried and restless.

Because of this, Hori realized how Miyamura is a big part of her everyday life.

His absence lingered in her thoughts and put a gaping hole in her heart, not knowing what was happening to Miyamura.

Upon Miyamura's return, she ran to him quickly and hugged him with the tightest hug she could ever give.

They had a heart-to-heart conversation and came to realize that they were deeply in love with each other.

Everything returned to normal, except for one rainy day when Miyamura was unable to get home from Hori's house. Miyamura had to stay till the rain ceased completely.

This is where things took a turn, and a passionate atmosphere filled the air.

As their bodies came closer, so did their burning desire for one another, keeping the flame of love warm in the cold weather.

Hori said to Miyamura that he could not go home because of the heavy downpour.

At that moment, everything was white with Hori's words, "There was a heat within me and I wanted Miyamura to feel it, too."

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Credit: CloverWorks

The scene then cuts to a seemingly naked Hori and Miyamura as the latter discovers a bite mark on his nape.

Hori even teased Miyamura that his hair was growing again and that if he cut it shorter, everyone would get to see the bite mark on the back of his neck.

Given this scene, Hori and Miyamura finally did "it," and fans went wild because of the development. So, to confirm, yes, Hori and Miyamura did it!

This is an exact mirror of the Horimiya manga where, in Chapter 37, Hori and Miyamura slept together and did it. It was also revealed that they did not use protection.

When two characters are seen in the same bed, it implies that their hearts are blazing with passion.

Cut to the scene that shows them after the deed, it is almost irrefutable that they did it. Though not explicitly shown, it still happened!

This means that Hori and Miyamura took their relationship to a much deeper level by giving themselves to one another. Hori even left some sort of "ownership" mark on Miyamura.

Of course, many fans are just as excited about what happens next to their story and how they will handle their relationship now that they've taken it to a whole new level.

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