Honest Trailer For Batman Begins Shows Us Why Batman is A Criminal

For many DC fans, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight still remains on top of their list of best superhero films they've ever seen. Actually, his whole Dark Knight trilogy was great compared to Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman. Leatt's not forget the one that started the trend of dark and gritty reboots: Batman Begins. Compared to the more cartoony superhero films of the past such as Joel Schumacher's Batman films, Nolan's take on the Dark Knight was just right, and ScreenJunkies created an Honest Trailer that will make you wish the acclaimed director is still helming DC films. The video also hilariously shows us why Christian Bale's Batman was considered a criminal, highlighting the times he actually committed crimes such as property damage, arson, manslaughter, and third degree murder. 

WatchHonest Trailer Sums Up Shrek's Overuse of Disney Tropes

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