Hitman Devs Announce Upcoming James Bond Game: Project 007

Though GoldenEye 007 was one of the biggest and most popular games to come out of the 90s, the Bond franchise has admittedly been absent when it comes to modern games. What's interesting is, we're going to be getting a new game based on 007, and it will come from the studio that brought us Hitman.

Here's the official description for Project 007:

It's Bond, James Bond.

Project 007 (working title) is a brand new James Bond video game to be developed and published by IO Interactive.

Featruing a wholly original Bond story, players will step into the shoes of the world's favorite Secret Agent to earn their 00 status in the very first James Bond origin story.

IO is actually looking for new talent when it comes to Project 007 and you can try and join the team here.

With Daniel Craig set to retire his version of Bond with No Time to Die, it's actually the perfect time for IO to try and bring 007 back to the games. While we don't know which Bond this could be based on, I'm hoping they work on the fan theory that James Bond isn't really a name, but rather a codename that is given to any agent who becomes 007—this way, all other Bonds could be perceived to be in the same canon, including whoever succeeds Craig in the role.

No release date has been set for Project 007, but Bond does come back in theaters with No Time to Die slated for a release on April 2, 2021.

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