Here's Why The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is Being Done as an Anime

Credit: CD Projekt

Credit: CD Projekt

The Witcher fans will be able to witness Vesemir's adventures in Nightmare of the Wolf before becoming Geralt's mentor prior to the second season's release. While the Netflix series adaptation was a success, writer Beau DeMayo explains why they are going with the anime route with the upcoming film.

"In terms of what the Witcher world is capable of, it is a massive canvas," DeMayo told "And I actually started out my career working as an assistant and executive at Disney in animation, and it was there where I first got my job in the industry."

"So I was aware when [showrunner] Lauren [Hissrich] came and asked me to write it, what we could do in animation that you cannot do in live-action," he continued. "There is not necessarily always parity between those two mediums." DeMayo points out that there are specific scenes that can be animated which will look "amazing" and "badass" in that form, instead of doing it in live-action where it could look "goofy" or it'll "register as a little false to the human eye."

He says there's a "grace and an art form" to anime that "allows a different flavor," which is why they decided to make a story that they could never tell in a live-action scope. Of course, DeMayo can't go into specifics about that yet, but obviously, there'll be "something with magic and monsters and adventure and romance" that a live-action couldn't necessarily tell. "And I think when people see the anime and when it releases, there are very particular choices we made," he added.

"And the script itself, there are certain things it takes advantage of in terms of animation that only animation can do," DeMayo continued. "I think that's what's the most exciting thing that I'm waiting for fans to see."

He teased that it's not just the events to be excited about, it's what Studio Mir brings to the table and it's what their partners at Netflix are able to "pull off." "It is a story we could not have told in live-action in any way, shape or form," he teased. "At least not with an incredible burden on production, I will say that."

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is yet to have a release date but it is expected to be released before the second season of Netflix's The Witcher.

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