Henry Cavill Diet: Here’s the Four-Meal Diet and Exercises the Superman Star Does to Maintain Superhero Body

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Henry Cavill gets heaps of praise not just for his good acting but also for his superhero physique. His envy-inducing body is evident in every major role he plays, like Superman in the DC Extended Universe and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher.

With that said, many want to know Henry Cavill’s secrets to maintaining a healthy and muscular body. So, how does he do that? Read on!

Henry Cavill’s Four Meals a Day Diet


The 39-year-old actor has played roles that require him to be in top physical condition. So, he has worked with his trainer Dave Rienzi to create diet plans and workouts that will fit his needs.

Though the British star told Insider that he swore planks that kept his abs strong, he knew it wouldn’t be visible if his nutrition wasn’t in check.

With that said, he has been following a four-meal-a-day diet to maintain his healthy physique.

He takes an omelet with ham, beef filler, a protein shake, a cup of oats and berries for breakfast.

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For his first lunch, he eats white rice and chicken, and for the second, he takes brown rice and chicken.

He then crams down the steak with sweet potatoes for dinner, and before bed, he drinks a protein shake again.

Rienzi instructs Henry Cavill to eat white rice or white potatoes to have quick energy before he starts training. The brown rice and sweet potatoes, on the other hand, are used to slow the release of his energy post-workout.


Henry Cavill’s Planks and Other Exercises for a Strong Core

The Tudor star’s workouts change depending on the role he is about to play and the goal he has to achieve.

However, if he needs to build defined abs and a strong core, he only has one go-to exercise— planks.

"My trainer has for years now sent me a lot of plank work," Henry Cavill told Insider.

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He does various plank exercises, from standard to stability ball planks to planks with shoulder taps to side planks.

"They have an incredible effect," he revealed. However, though he has put in a lot of work to build muscle in the gym, the Enola Holmes actor said his diet makes his abs visible.


"You can have the most extraordinary abs in the world, but if you're not lean enough, you can't see them," he continued. "But to make particularly aesthetic abs or a strong core, then yes, planks have worked for me."

Henry Cavill’s Work to Maintain a Healthy and Strong Physique

When maintaining his health and body shape, Henry Cavill told GQ the secret was to find something he enjoyed doing.

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“The gym shouldn't always be some sort of grueling, terrible slog,” he stressed. “I discovered recently while doing my recovery that I enjoy sprints. I can make my interval sprints as hard or as easy as I want that day in the gym, but I'm always going to feel good after them. I'm going to go to bed thinking, ‘Okay, interval sprints in the morning. Yeah, I know it's cardio, but actually, I'd really quite enjoy it.’’

So, if there’s a trick others need to follow, Henry Cavill advised it’s doing something they love. “Enjoy doing it, get good at it, then get really good at it,” he said.

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