Harry Potter and Batman Games Were Supposed to be Announced at E3

The Coronavirus Outbreak continues to spread, and events here and there have been getting canceled in fear of spreading the virus. The latest big event to be canceled is the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3), and it looks like we'll be missing out on some big game announcements.

According to Kotaku, WB Games was actually planning to officially announce a Harry Potter and Batman title at the event. We were also supposed to get a look at the next game from Arkham developers Rocksteady.

We don't know what the Potter game will have in store, but back in 2018, there was a leak going around of an RPG that would let players roam the corridors of Hogwarts. As for the Batman game, it's probably the same title that's been teased by Arkham Origins developers WB Montreal for months.

For now, it's unclear whether WB will hold its own announce event online, but with the Coronavirus having people weary of gathering together, I guess it's the best way to go for the studio. With audiences having waited so long for these games, I think it would just be best to announce rather than to wait for the event at a later date.

Then again that's just my opinion. You can only keep something so hyped before people will start to lose interest.

We don't know what's going to happen with E3 canceled this year, but hopefully, we get some kind of update when this Coronavirus scare starts to die down… if it dies down.

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