Halo TV Series Was 'Always an Outlier', According to Showtime

The live-action Halo TV series is finally coming to Paramount+ next month, but did you know that ViacomCBS decided to move the series from Showtime to Paramount+ last year after numerous production delays?

Now, Showtime boss Gary Levine has referred to the Halo series as an "outlier" for their network, affirming that the series is a much better fit for Paramount Plus.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Levine talked about the decision to move the Halo TV series from Showtime to Paramount+ last year, and addressed the reason behind the change of network. He said that the show fits the "blockbuster mentality" of Paramount Plus, and that's why it's an outlier from Showtime's programming roster.

"Halo was always a little bit of an outlier for us, in all honesty," Levine said, suggesting that it didn't impact the network's bigger plans. "We've been working on it for a number of years. There were times where we said, 'How do we make a first-person shooter video game into a Showtime series?' We worked hard to make it a real, character-based and interesting drama. It is filled with action, and I understand how it was an outlier for Showtime, and I understand why it's in the sweet spot for Paramount+."

"Conversely, The Man Who Fell to Earth [which moved from Paramount+ to Showtime] is a creatively ambitious adaptation of the iconic film," he continued. "There wasn't any big change in our programming strategy. Halo was a bit of an aberration and will do great business for Paramount+ and we're producing it. I love the show and hope it'll be a huge hit. As Halo emerged, it felt like Paramount+ could promote it bigger and better, and it seems to be more in their blockbuster mentality than us."

Story details are still being kept under wraps, but Levine affirmed it as a new story "incredibly respectful of the canon" utilizing the franchise's focus on the war with the Covenant and the powerful Halo space installations.

The Halo TV series is set to premiere on Paramount+ on March 24, 2022. You can read more details about the Halo TV series here.

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