One Piece Celebrates Upcoming 25th Anniversary in Style with a Bespoke Wardrobe Collection

graniph one piece vegapunk lilith
Credit: Toei Animation

graniph one piece vegapunk lilith
Credit: Toei Animation

To celebrate its upcoming milestone, One Piece teamed up with Graniph for a special 25th anniversary fashion line that features stylish apparel and accessories.

One Piece is no stranger to fashion collabs as there have been many such collections over the past years. These include collaborations with a wide array of Japanese and international brands.

This latest one is special though, as it features pieces such as striking and creative designs that celebrate the series’ most memorable moments and beloved characters.

One Piece’s 25th Anniversary Fashion Collab

The One Piece manga celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022 with the release of the One Piece Film: Red movie. In October 2024, the anime adaptation by Toei Animation will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Plans for the anniversary haven’t been fully revealed yet, though this new Graniph collection is a cool way to mark the anime’s major milestone. After all, these pieces can let fans show off their fandom in style.

As befits an anniversary collection, this new fashion line features a wide array of pieces that feature an interesting mix of designs. These include scenes straight out of the anime and more creative renditions of the cast.

Graniph is a popular Japanese brand that opened its first store back in 2000. The brand specializes in graphic tees along with other items featuring eye-catching graphics.

Aside from in-house designs, Graniph has also teamed up with various anime over the years for special capsule collections. These include popular titles like Rebuild of Evangelion and Dragon Ball.

Just recently, Graniph also released a fashion collab with the upcoming anime film series Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction.

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Graniph x One Piece Collection to Be Released Later This Month

As for the One Piece collab, Graniph has 26 pieces, many of which are graphic tees. This is unsurprising given how the brand is popular for its striking t-shirts.

For those who want something a bit different, the collection also features short-sleeve button-up shirts, shorts, a hoodie, and a cardigan. To round out the lineup, Graniph also offers socks and hats with unique prints.

One Piece fans in Japan can pre-order the collection now on the Graniph online store. The pieces will then be delivered on February 27, 2024. The collab will also be released in Graniph stores throughout Japan.

As for fans outside of Japan, they’ll need to either ask a friend in the country to get one, or order the pieces and have them shipped via a package forwarding service.

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