Dissecting Godzilla Minus One's Most Eye-Watering Scene

godzilla minus one atomic breath
Credit: Toho Studios

godzilla minus one atomic breath
Credit: Toho Studios

Godzilla Minus One finally premiered in the United States this month and avid fans are incredibly stoked with the abundance of Kaiju content. The film which is supposedly rebooting Shin Godzilla, is home to several hair-raising moments. Here's why fans consider Godzilla Minus One's atomic breath scene the scariest.

Godzilla Minus One Deemed the 'Scariest' Kaiju Film

godzilla minus one atomic breath
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Credit: Toho Studios

This isn't the first time Gojira put his atomic breath on display. In the Kaiju franchise, it quickly became one of his most iconic moves. A dangerous power the monster can inflict upon human civilization.

Although nothing seems to beat Shin Godzilla's atomic breath scene, which destroyed the city by setting it on fire, Godzilla Minus One's version of the atomic breath is just as powerful, if not more lethal.

His atomic breath rivals the atomic bomb that could wipe out an entire city.

Godzilla Minus One fans have taken to social media to air their first reactions to the Kaiju monster orchestrating his biggest and most terrifying attack yet:

Godzilla Minus One has established a more ruthless version of the Kaiju who seeks revenge against humanity for what they did against his habitat.

Not to mention, the $15 million budget boasts an even grander feat for topping the second-highest debut for a live-action foreign-language film at the U.S. box office.

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What is Godzilla Minus One Rated?

There's no question that Godzilla Minus One is bound to be one of the most terrifying entries in the Kaiju franchise, but what is the Gojira film rated, exactly?

Most teens would be surprised to find out that Godzilla Minus One has been rated PG-13 for creature violence and action.

However, there are also scenes of utter destruction in Japan, in which the mighty giant ruthlessly wreaks havoc within the city, blasting and obliterating everything in its path.

The official synopsis for Godzilla Minus One reads:

Godzilla Minus One follows the story of an ex-kamikaze pilot Koichi Shikishima who returns home from an ill-fated mission sabotaged by the mighty Godzilla, to find his parents dead and his home destroyed in the Bombing of Tokyo.

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