Gemma Chan Net Worth 2022: How Much Does the Eternals Star Already Made in the Business?

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Gemma Chan has already made a couple of appearances in two different Marvel Cinematic Universe films and fans may still see more of her. As a woman with great acting skills and is establishing a name in the entertainment world today, how much has she already made?

Being a part of the MCU is a major feat. But aside from this major movie franchise, Gemma Chan has done a number of projects in the past that help her to be where she is now today.

The Start of Gemma Chan


Gemma Chan started in the business in 2006. She began her acting career in the miniseries When Evil Calls.

She also tried her luck in modeling, joining the reality series Project Catwalk. She also ventured into theatre plays and made it big as she guest-starred in the autumn 2009 special of Doctor Who.

From one project to another, she did Secret diary of a Call Girl, Bedlam, and Humans. She then had recurring roles in Fresh Meat and Brotherhood.

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However, her breakthrough didn’t come until she did Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in 2014. She then became a part of big-name films, like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Transformers: The Last Knight, and Crazy Rich Asians, to name a few.

The 39-year-old star then had the chance to work with the great Meryl Streep and joined the MCU with her first Marvel film, Captain Marvel, in 2019. She then played the role of Sersi in Eternals, making it her second Marvel movie.

With these to her name, Gemma Chan is starting to gradually make it big in the business with $6 million net worth, per Celebrity Net Worth.

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Gemma Chan on Rejoining the MCU

So far, Gemma Chan has done two MCU films. She admitted she was surprised to be part of the franchise again after playing the role of Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel.

“To be honest, I was as surprised as anyone else. I was not expected to be back,” she told ScreenRant. “I obviously jumped at the chance, and to get to work with Richard [Madden] and the rest of the amazing cast, it’s great.”

Compared to her first role, the British actress revealed she didn’t have to be painted blue this time, which gave her enough rest.

“So I didn’t have to do the 2:30 a.m. or 3 a.m. call times to be four hours sprayed with body paint. So, that was good,” she continued.

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Alternatively, producer Nate Moore revealed the reason behind Gemma Chan’s casting. In fact, he also admitted that she was of the last main characters to be part of the movie.


“Sersi was a character that it took us a long time to find and Gemma again wasn’t necessarily the first person we thought of,” he revealed, via Just Jared. “But as we were reading people and I do remember the point where we said maybe should we read Gemma, is that weird?”

Though he was confused if the audience would agree, he deemed her perfect for the role.

So how much did Gemma Chan get paid for this role? Daily News Catcher revealed she received a $350,000 paycheck for this.

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