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Dandadan: Fuga Yamashiro Makes Directorial Debut in Highly-Anticipated Anime

Fuga Yamashiro Dandadan Momo

Fans were expecting this reveal, but maybe not this early. After lots of rumors have swirled around over the past months, the Dandadan anime is finally official, and it will be the directorial debut of Fuga Yamashiro at Science SARU.

The announcement was made with a teaser trailer and a key visual. This is quite a surprise for fans, especially considering that many new anime are revealed without a trailer.

What’s more, the choice of Science SARU as the show’s animator is an unexpected one given that the studio isn’t exactly known for shonen manga adaptations.

Notable Studio Science SARU Will Animate Dandadan

Dandadan Okarun
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As one of Shonen Jump+’s most popular titles, Yukinobu Tatsu’s Dandadan has long been rumored to get an anime adaptation sometime in the future.

Over the past weeks and months, rumors about a Dandadan anime have been circulating online. Many believed that an announcement would be made at Jump Festa 2024 this December as the manga has stage time there.

Without waiting for Jump Festa, the Dandadan anime adaptation was finally revealed recently. What’s great about this reveal is that it came with a proper teaser trailer that features actual clips. You can watch it here:

As Dandadan is a manga with a distinct art style and a penchant for weirdness, there were lots of discussions among fans about which studio would work on it.

Finally, it’s confirmed that Science SARU will animate the series. This will mark the studio’s first proper shonen manga adaptation as Science SARU is known more for avant-garde titles.

Despite the studio not being experienced in shonen, Science SARU working on Dandadan is a great fit as the studio’s style (based on its previous productions) is an excellent match, based on the trailer.

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Dandadan Anime Taps Fuga Yamashiro as the Director

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Along with the studio, several staff members for the series were revealed. These include Hiroshi Seko (Jujutsu Kaisen) as its scriptwriter and Kensuke Ushio (Chainsaw Man) as its music composer.

Meanwhile, the Dandadan anime director is Fuga Yamashiro, a notable staff member of many Science SARU anime.

Yamashiro is best known for being the assistant director of Tatami Time Machine Blues and Inu-Oh. He also served as an episode director in The Heike Story and an assistant production coordinator in Devilman Crybaby.

As Yamashiro has been a staff member of many Science SARU projects, it'll be interesting to see how well he'll do as the director of the studio's upcoming series.

More new details about the series will be revealed at Jump Festa 2024 this December. This likely includes the show’s voice cast and release window.

For now, there’s no word yet on a release date or window. As there’s already a teaser, it might be released as early as Spring 2024.

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