Fortnite Defies Apple and Google With Permanent Mega Drop Discount for V-Bucks

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It looks like Fortnite is going to take a stand as Epic Games has introduced a cheaper way for players to get a permanent discount on V-Bucks. The catch? Nothing really. Just the fact that Apple and Google won't be getting any of the money made from that should iOS and Android players decide to get the discounted price. Okay, maybe that is a huge catch but not to the consumer.

On the Epic Games website, the developers introduced the Fortnite Mega Drop, which gives fans a 20% discount on V-Bucks if they choose to directly pay Epic, rather than paying extra money that goes to Apple and Google. It's pretty simple as seen in the image below and is a pretty defiant move on the part of Epic Games since Fortnite is so big right now.

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Credit: Epic Games

The discount is also permanent on PC and console since those companies seem to be more lenient when it comes to how DLC money is dispersed. Epic doesn't point out how there's a choice between direct payment when it comes to these systems so it seems like Sony and Microsoft are safe from the wrath of Epic Games for the lack of a better term.

Everyone is interested in seeing how Apple and Google will react to this since they have never taken it well when other mobile games have done this. They could remove Fortnite from their online stores but that would cause a huge commotion and annoy a lot of gamers, especially those that can't afford a modern console.

Fortnite is available now on pretty much every gaming system available.

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