Secret Invasion: Emilia Clarke's MCU Return Teased by New Rumor

Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

The final episode of Secret Invasion added a new twist to Emilia Clarke's character Gi'ah as she was injected with the Harvest which contained the DNA of all the heroes that fought in Avengers: Endgame.

As a result, she has seemingly become the most powerful character in the MCU yet since she now has the superpower of almost all heroes. It is a decision that has been slammed by fans ever since the episode aired.

Given her newfound superpowers and a potential collaboration with Sonya Falsworth as teased by the final moments of the show's final episode, fans are wondering what's next for the character in the MCU.

Now, a new rumor has suggested that her return will happen very soon and it will involve another major team-up.

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New Rumor Reveals Emilia Clarke's MCU Return

Secret Invasion
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Credit: Marvel Studios

According to a scoop from insider @MyTimeToShineH on X, Clarke is set to make her MCU return "sooner than you think" and she will be forming her own group of British-based superheroes.

They didn't explain further whether the rumored comeback project will be a TV show or film. Marvel Studios has also not made any comments on the rumor.

Assuming that this rumor is true, it looks like they are indeed going to follow up on what they set up in the final episode of Secret Invasion regarding the future of Gi'ah in the MCU with Sonya potentially becoming the Nick Fury of that team.

However, there is a huge question mark behind this potential project since the reception for Secret Invasion and Gi'ah's overpowered turn were polarizing amongst fans and there might not be a lot of interest to see this happen.

You can also argue that this could be their way to redeem and justify their decision to turn Clarke's character into an overpowered hero since it could cause a conflict with the existing superheroes in the MCU since she possesses their powers now.

For now, let's wait for any confirmation regarding this rumor, but unlike most rumored MCU projects that we've heard before, there is definitely more skepticism for this one.

Secret Invasion is available to stream on Disney+.

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