Ellen DeGeneres Shock: Portia de Rossi’s Wife Claims Meghan Markle Will Do What She Asks Her To Ahead Of Ellen Show Interview

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Ellen DeGeneres and Meghan Markle have been friends for years. But unlike most A-listers, the two didn’t meet on the set of a movie or a TV show. Instead, DeGeneres and Markle first bumped into each other at an animal shelter.

At the time, Markle hasn’t met Prince Harry yet. She was at the shelter looking for a dog to adopt when DeGeneres saw her and urged her to bring home a particular dog. At first, the Duchess of Sussex was hesitant about bringing the dog home, but DeGeneres insisted that the pooch belongs to Markle.

Markle went home with the dog, and she decided to call him Bogart. Following Prince Harry and Markle’s engagement in 2017, DeGeneres shared this story with her live audience on the Ellen Show.


DeGeneres proudly declared that Markle does whatever she asks her to.

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“I don’t even remember the story actually, but obviously she does and she does whatever I tell her to do, so Meghan if you’re watching, I have something else to tell you – invite me to that wedding,” Portia de Rossi’s wife said.

Ellen DeGeneres Makes Fun Of Meghan Markle

The comedian also seemingly made fun of Markle in the Ellen Show. She revealed that Markle used to work as a briefcase girl in Deal or No Deal.


“Her name is Meghan Markle, she’s from Los Angeles, she’s an actress, she’s been on General Hospital, she’s been on CSI New York. And this is true – she was once the holder of case 24 on Deal or No Deal. This means if Harry had picked the other models, I could have gotten $1 million. So, darn it,” DeGeneres said.

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Meghan Markle Guests In Ellen Show

Markle and DeGeneres's friendship is making headlines again because Prince Harry’s wife is set to appear in the Ellen Show on Thursday. A clip from DeGeneres’ interview with Markle was released earlier this week.

One of the things that Markle will talk about during her guesting is her old Ford Explorer Sport car, as well as all the auditions she went to at the Warner Bros. lot where DeGeneres hosts Ellen Show, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Angela Levin Thinks The Palace Will Be Upset With Meghan Markle’s Interview


Even though Markle’s interview is filled with laughter, royal expert Angela Levin said that the Duchess of Sussex’s interview with the comedian will most likely spark dread at the palace. After all, the royals and the palace staff are still not over Markle and Prince Harry’s controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.


Levin also accused Markle of being ruthless and said that it’s obvious that she’s desperate for publicity. The royal author also called the interview bad timing since it will air shortly after Queen Elizabeth’s health scare.

Prince Harry and Markle’s interview in March was also bad timing because it aired shortly after Prince Philip passed away, according to News.co.au.

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Susanna Reid Slams Meghan Markle

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Other than Levin, Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid also criticized Markle’s upcoming appearance on the Ellen Show.


“Goodness me, she put a rocket under practically everything frankly, from the royal family to this program. Well, shall we have a little listen to what Meghan says? You would imagine that they would put out a clip perhaps about Harry, or perhaps her feelings about the royal family, or perhaps about everything that has happened in the wake of that. But no, we go right back to her humble, hard-working roots... let’s have a look,” Reid said via The Independent.

After the clip from Thursday’s interview aired, Reid said that Markle’s interviews are becoming more and more difficult to defend. However, the Duchess of Sussex’s supporters fired back at Reid by saying that Markle doesn’t need Reid to defend her in any way.

Reid’s former co-host, Piers Morgan left Good Morning Britain earlier this year after he faced backlash for criticizing Prince Harry and Markle’s interview with Winfrey.

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