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Marvel's Echo is Reportedly No Longer Six Episodes

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Credit: Marvel Studios

One of the upcoming MCU shows that is currently on its way is the long-gestated Hawkeye spinoff Echo which will focus on Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez and it will mark the first time that a superhero series will have a Native American character as the lead.

However, there have been rumors for the past several months that its production has been experiencing a lot of trouble behind the scenes and has reportedly undergone reshoots and extensive post-production work.

So far, Marvel Studios remains mum on any of the details surrounding the alleged issues that the project is experiencing, but they are still intending to release it by early next year.

Now, as we're months away from its scheduled release, a new scoop has emerged that suggests that the series will be reducing its episode count.

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Echo is Reportedly No Longer Six Episodes

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Credit: Marvel Studios

According to insider @CanWeGetToast on X, Echo will now consist of five episodes that are approximately an hour each.

The series was previously set to consist of six episodes just like most MCU shows, but one of them was allegedly cut due to pacing issues. So far, Marvel Studios has not confirmed the report.

If the scoop ends up being true, the Hawkeye spinoff will now become the MCU series with the shortest number of episodes to date since it will be fewer than the usual six.

Since it will reportedly have a five-episode count, the show will be designated as a "limited series" when it competes at the major TV awards since a typical show is considered to be a minimum of six episodes long per season which is what most TV series are.

With the reports that we are hearing regarding its alleged behind-the-scenes issues and the plan to release all episodes at the same time, it does make sense that the series was reduced to five episodes which could fix its pacing and it also works as a binge-watch experience since it will be like a five-hour film.

We don't know yet whether the five-episode count will work until we watch them, but hopefully, it could work in their favor and it will have satisfying results for the audience when they see it.

Echo is scheduled to be released on Disney+ in January 2024.

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