Disney Wants Margot Robbie to Play Tinkerbell

Disney is pushing forward with their live-action remakes, and one film down the pipeline is Peter Pan and Wendy. While the movie looks to be in the early stages, Disney has apparently found someone to play the part of Tinkerbell.

According to The Illuminerdi, Disney had apparently courted Margot Robbie (Birds of Prey) for the part of Tink. As of now, we don't know what Robbie's reaction was to the offer, but we do know that Disney has sent it out.

Here's the official breakdown of Tinkerbell in the film:

Peter's partner-in-crime and voice of reason with the voice of a million tiny bells, Tink helps the Darlings avoid danger during their Neverland adventure. When Peter, the Darlings, and/or the Lost Boys are in trouble, she uses her magical powers to save the day.

Though the description says that Tink has a voice ‘of a million tiny bells,' she was never really much for talking in the original film. Then again, Tinkerbell does talk in her own spinoff series, so maybe they could do the same for the movie version.

Either way, I think Robbie could pull the character off whether Tink talks or not. She can be very animated when it comes to her performances, and I, Tonya really showed us how physical she can get in a role.

Again, Robbie hasn't been confirmed yet, but she would definitely be a great choice.

No release date has been set for Peter Panand Wendy, but production is said to start this April. Catch Robbie in Birds of Prey which hits theaters Feb. 7.

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