What Is the Meaning of Disney's Iwaju? Title Explained

What Is the Meaning of Disney’s Iwaju
Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios / Kugali Media

What Is the Meaning of Disney’s Iwaju
Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios / Kugali Media

Iwaju is an animated series released on Disney+. It is a collaboration project between Walt Disney Animation and the African entertainment company, Kugali. It follows the story of a young girl named Tola, but what exactly is the meaning of Disney’s Iwaju?

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What Is the Meaning of Disney’s Iwaju?

The meaning of Disney’s Iwaju contextually translates to “the future."

Iwaju is from the Yoruba language and translates to “front-facing” or "forward."

It is a fitting title for the new Disney animated series since it is set in a futuristic and technologically advanced version of the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Iwaju is not the only Yoruba word present in the series. For instance, Bode told his peers that they deserved their orishirishi in episode 2.

Orishirishi means variety, or an assortment of different things, in the Yoruba language.

It’s as if Bode is asking his peers to indulge themselves in whatever they want to be happy and content based on the scenario.

Disney’s Iwaju has a lot more to offer viewers interested in learning about another country’s traditions, language, culture, society, and more.

The animated series is now streaming on Disney+ with six episodes.

What Is Iwaju About?

What Is the Meaning of Disney’s Iwaju
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Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios / Kugali Media

Iwaju follows the story of Omotola Abike Martins, a 10-year-old girl who wants to visit her father’s hometown, Ajegunle, in exchange for caring for a highly advanced Agama lizard called Otin.

She also wants to get her workaholic father’s attention by doing adult things like household chores and making decisions of her own.

Omotola, or simply Tola, is a carefree and outgoing girl who’s as stubborn as her father.

She was born with a silver spoon, as her father is Tunde Martins, the CTO of the only security company in Nigeria capable of using AI technologies and blockchains to eradicate crime within the country.

Tola has a close friend named Bankole Adesola, who works as a housekeeper.

Together, Tola and Kole see through the events that are happening in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Despite being a progressive city, Lagos is no stranger to kidnappings, beggars, and opportunistic sellers. What’s more, a lot of wealthy people discriminate against the poor.

This explains the series’ villain’s motivation, as he hates those who use money to take other people’s dignity away from them. He also thinks life should be fair and that everyone deserves respect.

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