Detroit: Become Human Gets Official Manga Spin-Off

Detroit: Become Human Manga

Detroit: Become Human Manga

It’s been four years since the release of Detroit, and while we’ve yet to see a sequel, or at the very least another entry in the series, a new Detroit: Become Human manga has just been announced.

The new Detroit manga is a spin-off of Quantic Dream’s 2018 video game, and instead of being set in Michigan’s largest city, it instead will take place in Tokyo.

This upcoming manga spin-off is written by Kazami Saruwatari, with art by Moto Sumida. Speaking on the manga, Sumida mentioned on his Twitter account that Detroit: Become Human is one of his favorite games and that he hopes fans will enjoy the manga as well.

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Officially entitled Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories, its story is set in 2038 Tokyo. Unlike in the US where androids are treated with disdain, Japan has a more positive view of these robot humanoids.

Specifically, the android idol Reina is popular in Japan, and she serves as the spin-off’s protagonist.

While Japan has a better view of androids, there is still tension underneath, especially for humans which have been displaced by androids in the workplace.

As tensions mount, a mutant android develops free will and emotion, starting a revolution much like in the original game.

Detroit: Become Human Manga Reina
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Credit: Kadokawa, Quantic Dream, Sawatari Kazami, Sumida Moto

Detroit: Become Human is a narrative adventure game by French studio Quantic Dream. The game was released for the PS4 back in 2018, and it was subsequently released on PC in 2019.

The game is set in Detroit in the year 2038. In this vision of the future, androids have become commonplace as workers that serve humans. But in the game’s events, some androids start developing free will and experiencing emotion.

As more and more androids become free, a revolution begins to emerge. The game puts players in the shoes of three androids: Kara, Connor, and Markus. These three play pivotal roles in the oncoming revolution.

Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories will release on Comic Bridge tomorrow, July 22. Currently, the manga is only set to release in Japan, with no word yet on an English-language release.

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