Delicious in Dungeon Gets Simuldub Release on Netflix

Delicious in Dungeon Simuldub Marcille

Delicious in Dungeon Simuldub Marcille

The new year is just a bit over a week away, and with it comes another exciting season. Ahead of Winter 24, Kadokawa revealed that the Delicious in Dungeon anime will get a simuldub release on Netflix.

Thanks to this, fans who prefer to watch anime in an English dub will be able to watch the latest episode as soon as it’s out. After all, most English dub versions are released with a delay ranging from a few weeks to a month.

The simuldub release makes sense though, especially considering that this new series has all the makings of a huge hit.

Delicious in Dungeon Is Shaping Up to Be a Winter 24 Highlight

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The 2023 winter season was a bit of a quiet one, especially given how many shows got delayed. Thankfully, that won’t be the case in Winter 24 as there are lots of highly anticipated shows.

Aside from the second cour of Frieren airing in Winter 24, fantasy anime fans will also be treated to Delicious in Dungeon. This upcoming anime promises to be another interesting take on the genre.

While Frieren may have a more contemplative and melancholic style of fantasy, Delicious in Dungeon is more of a comedy. That’s because the show’s adventuring party’s focus is to find out what monsters taste like.

The original Dungeon Meshi manga already had a lot of fans, but what makes this an even more highly anticipated series is its studio.

At the helm of this series is Trigger, the popular anime studio behind shows such as Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

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Delicious in Dungeon Simuldub Release on Netflix Confirmed

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As the Cyberpunk anime was a huge hit for Netflix in 2022 both critically and viewership-wise, it makes sense that the streaming giant is keen on promoting Trigger’s next project.

Netflix and Kadokawa are going the extra mile though, as the show will get a simuldub release in English, though there’s no cast announcement yet.

On top of the English version, there will also be simuldubs in Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), French, German, Italian, Arabic, and Hindi.

This is quite unprecedented for a seasonal anime. After all, the vast majority of shows don’t get simuldubs in this many languages.

Of course, fans who want the original Japanese audio won’t have to worry as Netflix will also feature the Japanese dub when the anime is released.

Delicious in Dungeon will stream worldwide on Netflix beginning January 4, 2024.

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