DC's Black Adam Reportedly Reshoots its Post-Credits Scene

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Black Adam
Credit: WB

It's been a crazy number of days for the DC Extended Universe after Warner Bros. Discovery announced the cancelation of the solo Batgirl project which would've dropped sometime this year on HBO Max. While no new developments have come to light as of now, the general belief within the fandom is that David Zaslav will be implementing some serious changes to the franchise.

Black Adam
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Credit: WB

We recently learned that The Flash had to undergo reshoots involving actor Ezra Miller with reports claiming that Zaslav ordered the film's final act to be overhauled. Turns out that even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Black Adam had to undergo reshoots that would better connect the Man in Black to the DCEU's current continuity.

According to a scoop from The Hollywood Reporter, the most recent test screening of the anticipated film features a “new post-credits scene introducing a new element to Johnson’s place in the DC Universe.” It's worth noting that initial test screenings for the film garnered an underwhelming 60% approval rating from executives, the same rating given to the now-scrapped Batgirl film.

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As it stands, we don't know what exactly this "new" post-credit scene is all about but it would be safe to assume that it's part of David Zaslav's grand scheme to shake up the DCEU. Are we finally going to see the return of Henry Cavill's Man of Steel in Black Adam or is it just some teaser of the character's next adventure in the franchise?

DC's Black Adam is slated for release on October 21, 2022.

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