Chucky Season 2 Confirmed With (Maybe) More Child's Play Characters On Board

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Don Mancini, the creator of Chucky, teases that more Child's Play characters may appear in Season 2. The oppressive doll has risen from the grave once more, posing a threat to the people of the hit horror show.

Due to the several wild and crazy turns made by the original Child's Play franchise over the decades, the lore has become rather complex. Rather than avoiding all of this backstory, Mancini jumped right into it in Season 1, bringing back characters from previous films like Chucky's bride Tiffany (who is actually Jennifer Tilly), his unwilling vessel Nica Pierce from Curse of Chucky, and even Andy Barclay, the little boy he first terrorized in the original Child's Play film.

Chucky Season 2: The More, the Merrier


Given all of the character returns from Season 1, it's a safe guess that even more Chucky figures will return for Season 2. Of course, creator Mancini isn't ready to confirm any comebacks, but in an interview with Fandom, he gleefully threw out some probable names to tease fans.

The first is Eddie Caputo, Charles Lee Ray's former sidekick, who was previously seen on Chucky in flashback form. Caputo is presumed to be dead after being blown up in a gas explosion in the original Child's Play, although Mancini indicated that he might not be.

Of course, Mancini could have been joking when he said Eddie Caputo was still alive and ready to reappear in Chucky. When he discusses the prospect of bringing back Andy's mother, Karen (Catherine Hicks in the original film) or perhaps Mike Norris (Chris Sarandon), the cop who killed Charles Lee Ray, he appears to be kidding a little less.

"There is a possibility," Mancini said when asked explicitly about those characters. Kristen De Silva, Andy's friend from his military academy stint in Child's Play 3, is another character who appears to be a possibility for a comeback.

Perrey Reeves, who played De Silva, is "down for coming back," according to Mancini, who also cited her social media posts in which she expressed interest in being in Chucky Season 2.

When Will Chucky Season 2 be Released?

Because the announcement of the renewal was only recently announced, there isn't much information on the release date and other details yet.

Given that the first season premiered in October, around Halloween, the second season is expected to follow suit. However, we'll have to wait for further information before we can validate that theory.