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Chainsaw Man Volume 15 Cover Reportedly Features Major Part 2 Villain

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Chainsaw Man Volume 15 Cover Denji

It has been three months now since the release of the latest volume, and finally, reports suggest that Chainsaw Man Volume 15 will feature a major Part 2 villain on its cover.

Though the next Chainsaw Man volume cover hasn’t been revealed officially yet, there have been several reports from well-known leakers on Twitter that revealed what the cover will look like.

Given that these leaks have started getting shared, it’s only a matter of time before an official reveal is made.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga in this article.

Chainsaw Man Part 2’s Covers All Feature New Characters

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Denji and Yoshida are the only returning major characters from Chainsaw Man Part 1 (Nayuta not included), though both these characters have yet to appear in the latest volume covers.

The long-awaited first volume of Chainsaw Man Part 2 (which is Volume 12) was released last year.

As expected, it featured Asa Mitaka on the cover, but in her Yoru form complete with the War Devil’s signature scars

Since then, we’ve gotten two new volumes, with the next featuring Yuko on the cover in her ordinary human form instead of her more fearsome Devil form.

Finally, the latest officially released volume features Fami, the Famine Devil, on the cover.

As she was the instigator of the events in the Aquarium Arc, it made sense that Volume 14 had Fami as the cover star.

As for Volume 15, some fans believed that it will be Nayuta’s turn to get on the cover.

However, it turns out that it will be the Falling Devil, at least if the leaks are to be believed.

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Falling Devil Is Reportedly Chainsaw Man Volume 15’s Cover Character

Earlier today, several known leakers on Twitter shared the Chainsaw Man Volume 15 cover leak, and it shows the Falling Devil with her signature chef’s hat.

According to the leaks, the next volume will be released on August 4. Though there hasn’t been an official reveal yet on the official Chainsaw Man channels.

Of course, you may want to take this with a grain of salt. While all signs point to it being legitimate, fans have been fooled before with well-done fake covers.

Given the events of the Falling Devil Arc, having her on the cover makes sense given how memorable she is as a villain.


For now, fans will have to wait for an official confirmation, which is likely to happen soon.

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