Chainsaw Man’s Latest Chapter Inspires Motorcycle Denji and Asa Fanart

Chainsaw Man Denji Motorycle

Chainsaw Man Denji Motorycle

After a two-week wait, Chainsaw Man is finally back with Chapter 129, and it delighted fans with its action. Chainsaw Man fans specifically loved the motorcycle scene at the end featuring Denji and Asa, enough that it inspired lots of fanart.

Thanks to the series’ popularity, it’s no surprise that fan illustrations for the new chapter were shared online.

But it’s surprising how many have been shared even though it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the chapter’s release.

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 in this article.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129: Asa Asks Chainsaw Man to Save Her

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Before the motorcycle scene which inspired a lot of fanart, the chapter began with Asa and Denji (in his Chainsaw Man form unbeknownst to Asa) as they are unexpectedly rescued by the fake Chainsaw Man.

Thanks to this timely rescue, the two were able to escape the Falling Devil’s clutches.

With Denji seriously lacking in blood, Yoru tells Asa that this is finally her moment to kill Chainsaw Man.

Instead of killing him though, Asa cuts up her hand to give Chainsaw Man some blood, then she asks him to save her.

Chainsaw Man wakes up just in time to rescue Asa from falling into the Falling Devil’s clutches once again. Though they are still in danger as they are being chased by the devil.

Luckily, the two happen upon a motorcycle, but Chainsaw Man declines to steal it as a woman is riding.

Eventually, they also spot another motorcycle ridden by a man, whom Denji happily kicks off.

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Chainsaw Man Fans Recreate Ending Motorcycle Scene in Fanart

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Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

Near the end, Denji reveals he doesn’t know how to ride a motorcycle. In response, Asa uses her power to turn the motorcycle into a "Super Chainsaw Man Motorcycle."

This ridiculous-looking motorcycle features a huge chainsaw on its wheels, meaning they were able to slice through the Falling Devil's appendages.

Thanks to how out-of-nowhere it is and how cool the panel of Denji and Asa are, this chapter inspired lots of fanart, including some that referenced Akira.

It’s fair to say that Akira has one of the most iconic motorcycle scenes in anime, so it’s no surprise that many illustrations were based on it.

Along with these Akira pose references, there are lots of other fanart with unique twists on this soon-to-be-iconic panel.

You’ll find out what happens next to Denji and Asa in Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 which will be released in two weeks.

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