The First Omen: How is Carlita a Child of Satan in the 2024 Horror Flick? Is She a Villain?

carlita satan child the first omen
Credit: 20th Century Studios

carlita satan child the first omen
Credit: 20th Century Studios

Margaret surprisingly starts questioning her own faith when she meets Carlita at the orphanage she offers her help. Little did she know, Carlita is Satan's child in 2024's The First Omen. But the question is, how does the evil incarnate spawn his children in the horror flick?

CONTENT SPOILERS: This article contains spoilers for The First Omen, so proceed with caution.

Carlita Bears the Satanic Mark, One of the Successfully Birthed Antichrists

carlita satan child the first omen
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Credit: 20th Century Studios

As Margaret seeks to offer her services to the church, she comes across one of the young girls at the orphanage, Carlita (played by Nicole Sorace).

At first, Margaret seems quite curious about her nature. That is until Carlita starts drawing strange, disturbing pictures at the orphanage.

From then on, Margaret's eerie hallucinations keep getting to her, only to lead to the revelation that Carlita is one of Satan's demonic spawns.

This becomes evident when one of Margaret's hallucinations shows Satan's mark, 666, on the roof of Carlita's mouth, which further convinces her that the church has its own Antichrist agenda.

But the question is, why would the Catholic church give birth to Satan's children? How does that happen? What are they trying to accomplish?

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What the Catholic Church Aims in Spawning Satan's Children

The church's excommunicated priest, Father Brennan (Ralph Ineson), previously warned Margaret about the undercover sect seeking to birth the Antichrist in their midst.

According to the priest, Satan, and the church are seeking to use Carlita as a mother for the next Antichrist. But the plot only thickens from there.

Father Brennan explains that the evil incarnate can spawn its own children with Satan breeding with its own offspring, in hopes of birthing a male Antichrist.

The biggest twist comes in when the film reveals Margaret appears to be one of those offsprings, who eventually gave birth to twins: a son and a daughter.

In this case, the daughter was nearly discarded, since it's the son they prioritize.

Carlita happens to be one of the successful spawns, considering she lived to see the day after childbirth. However, this surprisingly doesn't make Carlita a bad guy, per se.

Even though she was one of Satan's kind, she ended up saving Margaret and the babies she had given birth to, leaving the three of them to grow as a family together in the end.

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In the meantime, 20th Century Studios' The First Omen just hit theaters worldwide.

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