Black Clover Creator Congratulates Kohei Horikoshi on My Hero Academia Anniversary Exhibit

Fans are currently loving the My Hero Academia anniversary and it looks like even fellow manga creators are celebrating Kohei Horikoshi's work. Black Clover creator Yuki Tabata has written a touching note for Horikoshi to congratulate MHA on its anniversary.

Tabata's message was listed in a pamphlet given out during the My Hero Academia anniversary exhibit in Japan. In his message, Tabata calls the MHA creator "Horikoshi-sensei" and "Horipi". Tabata also reminisced about his first meeting with Horikoshi and shared how Horikoshi helped him during difficult times.

"When times were rough with publication, I would think, 'well Horipi is also experiencing the same hardships and excitement as me' and that thought really motivated me," Tabata wrote. "He's such a nice guy, so I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate him on the opening of the BNHA Exhibition."

It's an awesome message and one that celebrates everything that both creators have gone through in the past. Needless to say, it's a fitting tribute to My Hero Academia after all these years.

The My Hero Academia manga series is currently in its final act and the anime has just started on its fifth season. The latest episode of Season 5 is titled Operation New Improv Moves and it follows the second match between Class 1-A and Class 1-B.

Meanwhile, the fourth and final season of the Black Clover anime has just concluded. However, it has already been confirmed that there will be a Black Clover movie that is currently in development. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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