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All Black Clover Arcs in Order: Where to Start Reading

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All Black Clover Arcs in Order: Where to Start Reading
Credit: Studio Pierrot

Black Clover is one of the most popular shounen series revolving around Asta, the magicless boy who strives to become the Wizard King. For those eager to embark on his magical adventure, this guide will provide an overview of all the Black Clover arcs in chronological order.

Whether you prefer the manga or the anime, understanding the sequence of the Black Clover arcs will ensure you don’t miss any important plot developments.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Black Clover manga!

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All Black Clover Arcs at a Glance

Here are all the arcs in Black Clover listed in chronological order:

  1. Magic Knights Entrance Exam Arc
  2. Dungeon Exploration Arc
  3. Royal Capital Assault Arc
  4. Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc
  5. Seabed Temple Arc
  6. Witches' Forest Arc
  7. Royal Knights Arc
  8. Elf Reincarnation Arc
  9. Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc
  10. Spade Kingdom Raid Arc
  11. Arc 11

Find out more about each arc:

  1. Magic Knights Entrance Exam Arc

    Arc 1 of Black Clover is titled Magic Knights Entrance Exam arc and it focuses on Asta and Yuno’s early life.

    Both Asta and Yuno are orphans who are raised in Hage. When they turn 15, both receive their grimoire.

    Later, they join the Magic Knight Squads. Asta is part of the Black Bull Squad while Yuno chooses to be with the Golden Dawn Squad.

    The Magic Knights Entrance Exam arc comprises 10 chapters (Chapters 1 through 10) and 13 anime episodes (Episodes 1 through 13).

  2. Dungeon Exploration Arc

    The second arc is titled the Dungeon Exploration arc.

    In this arc, Asta, Noelle Silva, and Luck Voltia of the Black Bull Squad are tasked to explore and take control of a dungeon.

    Yuno, Mimosa Vermillion, and Klaus Lunette are also part of this mission.

    However, things go south they come across the mages from the Diamond Squad.

    The arc showcases some intense battles including Luck vs. Lotus Whomalt, Asta vs. Mars, Luck, Asta, and Noelle vs. Lotus, and Klaus and Yuno vs. Mars.

    The Dungeon Exploration arc consists of 11 chapters (Chapters 11 through 21), and 6 episodes (Episodes 14 through 19).

  3. Royal Capital Assault Arc

    The Royal Capital Assault arc is the third arc of the Black Clover series.

    Julius Novachrono invites Asta, Noelle, Yuno, Mimosa, and Klaus to an award ceremony after finishing the dungeon exploration mission.

    However, an army of undead invades the Royal Capital during the banquet.

    The one responsible for the invasion is Rades Spirito who orders his troops to kill the civilians as guards appear to defend the innocent civilians.

    The arc features battles like Asta vs. Rades, Yuno vs. Catherine, Asta vs. Alecdora Sandler, Solid Silva, and Nebra Silva.

    Other battles include Julius taking on the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Leopold Vermillion vs. Eye of the Midnight Sun, and Fuegoleon Vermillion.

    The Royal Capital Assault arc comprises 16 chapters (Chapters 22 through 37) and 8 episodes (Episodes 20 through 27).

  4. Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc

    The fourth arc, titled Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter arc, focuses on the abduction of children from Nairn.

    Sally, who is a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, is the one responsible for the kidnapping.

    The abduction causes a conflict between the Order of Magic Knights from Clover Kingdom and a group of rogue mages.

    Some of the iconic battles in this arc are Asta vs. Gauche Adlai, Yami Sukehiro vs. Rhya, Fana, and Vetto, Asta vs. Altos, and Yami vs. Licht.

    The Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter arc has 19 chapters (Chapters 38 through 56) and 12 episodes (Episodes 28 through 39).

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  5. Seabed Temple Arc

    The fifth arc of Black Clover is called the Seabed Temple arc.

    In this arc, the Black Bulls are given a new mission by the Wizard King.

    They are instructed to get the magic stone from the Seabed Temple before the Eye of Midnight Sun gets it.

    Upon reaching, the head priest of the temple challenges the Magic Knight to a game before they can get their hands on the stone.

    However, in the middle of this challenge, there is an interference.

    Some notable fights from this arc are Yami vs. Vetto, Noelle vs. Vetto, Asta and Kiato vs. Vetto, Asta vs. Kiato, Asta, Finral, and Vanessa Enoteca vs. Vetto.

    The Seabed Temple arc has 18 chapters (Chapters 57 through 74) and 12 episodes (Episodes 40 through 51).

  6. Witches’ Forest Arc

    The sixth arc is titled Witches’ Forest arc and revolves around the events following the successful retrieval of the magic stone.

    The Black Bulls get back to the surface and a healer checks Asta’s arms and declares that his arms may never be the same again.

    After hearing this, his comrades split up and attempt to find a cure for him.

    Vanessa goes to a place in this arc where she never thought she would ever return to.

    The Witches’ Forest arc comprises 27 chapters (Chapters 75 through 101), and 15 episodes (Episodes 51 through 65).

  7. Royal Knights Arc

    The seventh arc, titled Royal Knights arc, comprises 48 chapters (Chapters 102 through 149) and 31 episodes (Episodes 66 through 96).

    After Asta’s recovery and battles against the Diamond Kingdom and the Eye of the Midnight Sun, the Black Bulls take part in the Star Awards Festival.

    Following the festival, Asta, Yami, Charlotte, Yuno, and Noelle go for a training session with the Crimson Lions steered by Mereoleona.

    Asta and a few other of his peers take part in a tournament with other Magic Knights to enroll as the Royal Knights.

    It is the same squad that is assigned to attack the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s base.

    During the tournament, a young man named Xerx Lugner enrolls for the tournament as part of Asta’s squad.

  8. Elf Reincarnation Arc

    Arc 8 is the Elf Reincarnation arc, which comprises 79 chapters (Chapters 150 through 228), and 62 episodes (Episodes 96 through 157).

    The Royal Knights are selected and they start their assault on the base of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

    In the battle, things go out of hand as many of the knights turn against each other after the Elf Tribe is reincarnated into the knights.

    Many fans believe that the Elf Reincarnation arc is a defining arc in the Black Clover series.

    During this arc, Yami proves that he is an incredible mage. He unleashes his Dark Magic power and showcases that he is quite capable against devils.

    After this arc, the series moves beyond the Clover Kingdom and starts exploring the Heart, Spade, and Heart Kingdoms.

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  9. Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc

    The ninth arc is called the Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle arc and it shows the events six months after the training.

    Asta and the other members of the Magic Knights start working alongside the mages of the Heart Kingdom.

    This unit prepares to fight a battle against the Spade Kingdom and the Dark Triad.

    In the Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle arc, the Magic Knights attempt to rebuild the Clover Kingdom.

    Nero and Asta are blamed for the mess and destruction, but the Black Bulls intervene and save them.

    The squad is then instructed to look for the devils and this mission takes them to the Heart Kingdom.

    This arc contains 32 chapters (Chapters 229 through 260) and 10 episodes (Episodes 158 through 167).

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  10. Spade Kingdom Raid Arc

    The tenth and probably one of the most action-packed arcs, the Spade Kingdom Raid arc has a whopping 71 chapters (Chapter 261 through Chapter 331).

    As of writing, there are only three episodes that cover the Spade Kingdom Raid arc.

    Following the capture of Vangeance and Yami by the Dark Triad, the Magic Knights and their friends train for three days.

    During these three days, the Magic Knights and their allies are planning the assault on the Spade Kingdom.

    After the completion of the training, the special assault force of the Clover Kingdom and their allies conduct a raid on the Spade Kingdom.

    The mission is clear; rescue Yami and Vangeance, and stop the formation of the Tree of Qliphoth.

  11. Arc 11

    This untitled 11th arc is currently ongoing as of writing. The last chapter from this arc is Chapter 360 titled Unreadable World.

    A year and three months have passed since the raid on the Spade Kingdom.

    A special awards ceremony is organized for Asta. At the ceremony, he is raised to First Class Senior Magic Knight.

    Meanwhile, Yuno is now the Grand Magic Knight with the Golden Dawn.

    Following the ceremony, Asta proposes to Sister Lily for the final time. However, she turns him down again.

    He accepts her refusal while she supports his goal to become the Wizard King.

    Suddenly, their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Lucius Zogratis, who is one of the Zogratis siblings.

    Lucius freezes time for everyone and attempts to touch Asta’s forehead.

    But before he can touch his forehead, Asta initiates his black form to negate the magic.

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