Attack on Titan Staff Share Why Switch to MAPPA was the Right Move

attack on titan final season mappa eren

attack on titan final season mappa eren

Attack on Titan: The Final Season not only marks a major shift in the series’ story, but it also comes with a change from WIT Studio to MAPPA.

During a stage presentation at Japan Expo 2022 last weekend, Attack on Titan staff, including executive producer Manabu Otsuka, screenplay writer Hiroshi Seko, and CGI supervisor Shuhei Yabuta, went on stage to share details about the switch in studios and the upcoming Part 3.

Details about the presentation were shared online by Attack on Fans.

Speaking on the change in studio, Attack on Titan screenplay writer Seko shared that he thinks the “change of studio between WIT Studio and MAPPA was good” as it “represented a change in the direction of the work.”

In the Attack on Titan manga, the events of the chapters leading up to the end marked a shift in tone and direction for the show, especially with the introduction of a massive new location.

According to the series’ writer, this shift is reflected in the change in the show’s style due to the switch to MAPPA.

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One apparent change with the handover to MAPPA is the use of CGI. Unlike the previous three seasons, The Final Season uses CGI animation for the Titan battles.

During the stage presentation, CGI supervisor Yabuta shared that he initially “wasn’t interested in converting Titans to CGI.” But this changed when former series director Testuo Araki allowed Yabuta to work on the series with CGI.

While the CGI animation for key sequences wasn’t popular among some fans, Yabuta shared that CGI is a good fit for The Final Season, especially for the upcoming Part 3 which will feature more Titans.

With the release of The Final Season Part 3 happening soon, executive producer Otsuka said that the team “lost hope” after seeing the end of the manga and the last battle given how hard it will be to adapt.

Despite this, the team is “committed and determined to complete it to the end.”

Attack on Titan: The Final Season initially aired from December 2020 to March 2021. Though the initial airing was only the first part of three, with Part 2 being released from January to April 2022.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 is set to release sometime in 2023.

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