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Attack on Titan’s Explosive Farewell: Final Episode Review

Attack on Titan’s Explosive Farewell: Finale Episode Review
Credit: MAPPA

Undoubtedly, Attack on Titan is the anime of the decade that will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time due to its impeccable storytelling, fleshed-out characters, grandiose animation, profound themes, and bittersweet conclusion. All good things come to an end, but here’s our Attack on Titan final episode review to wrap things up on our end!

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Is the Attack on Titan Finale Good or Bad? Our Review

Attack on Titan Finale Review
Attack on Titan’s finale episode delivers an explosive farewell that also packs an emotional punch, perfecting the vision of Hajime Isayama and leaving no crumbs for fans to remember for a lifetime.
attack on titan review
9 out of 10

I have high expectations when it comes to the Attack on Titan anime, and most of the time, Hajime Isayama’s brainchild delivers thanks to the direction, development, and production decisions by the people who put all their efforts into creating a high-caliber anime that doesn’t disappoint.

I can’t imagine how huge the burden is for the creators to provide a fitting anime ending for everyone who followed Eren Yeager’s quest for true freedom from the very first episode down to the finale, which has been dragged on for almost three years.

It’s not a bad thing at all because those three years don’t even compare to the epic finale that MAPPA and Hajime Isayama cooked for us.

It left no crumbs in the animation department, including the CGI effects, fighting sequences, and wide shots that scream Attack on Titan’s gnarly and edgy aesthetic that will become a standard for its successors.

Truly, the finale episode was a different kind of experience that made both my heart and jaw drop, and I’m not even exaggerating.

I had goosebumps all over my body just witnessing how the finale unfolded in almost an hour and a half.

I also felt different kinds of emotions, from happiness to sadness to grief. It was a roller coaster ride that Studio MAPPA and Hajime Isayama conducted that provided a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction after I came out of it.

Don’t get me started with the amazing soundtrack of the final episode.

It made the experience more gratifying, as if I were fighting along with the allied soldiers and as if I were the one with the heavy burden to finish what Eren started for Paradis Island.

It made me optimistic, hopeful, and dejected at the same time, and there were no words for how perfect the timing was when they inserted the music necessary in the scenes.

I'm still finding ways to cope with the ending of Attack on Titan, for it will be hard to recover from the pain it caused us, and I mean that in a very good way.

So, Is Attack on Titan’s Ending Worth Watching?

Is Attack on Titan’s Ending Worth Watching?
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Credit: MAPPA

Yes is the most obvious answer. Who wouldn't want to watch the ending of a series you followed for a very long time? It is a no-brainer that Attack on Titan's ending is worth watching.

Although the finale episode has a bittersweet ending, I loved every minute and every second of it. Everything just feels right in the finale, leaving no loose ends or plot holes that don’t need more explanation or clarification.

It almost feels like Eren Yeager is not just a character in the story but rather the mastermind behind Attack on Titan, manipulating and challenging the borders of storytelling and plot devices, which I think Hajime Isayama intended to happen.

Eren’s character made us conflicted, like his comrades, who contemplated supporting his ideals, whether they would agree with his genocide or stop his crazy suicidal solution that would free the world from the titan’s powers.

He became an anti-hero who opened our eyes to the thin line that separates what’s good and evil in the anime.

There’s not a lot of anime out there that has an explosive and epic finale like Attack on Titan, not to mention staying true to what the author or the mangaka envisions unfolding.

Sure, the ending has minor changes, such as additional scenes and dialogue, but it stayed faithful to the source material, which I appreciate.

At this point, all the characters are well fleshed out, and surprisingly, every single one of them still interests us as they develop in the final episode.

There’s no limit to these interesting and well-written characters, for they will always catch us by surprise, particularly the remaining Survey Corps members and the titan shifters that took our breaths away and kept us hanging on the edge of our seats.

So, Is Attack on Titan’s Ending Worth Watching?
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Credit: MAPPA

All in all, Attack on Titan’s final episode made me want to revisit Eren’s story from the very beginning and watch it all over again.

It will be a different kind of experience since I know what's coming for me, but I can appreciate and understand Hajime Isayama's vision more over time.

If I were given a chance to forget an anime and watch it for the first time again and again, it would undoubtedly have to be Attack on Titan!

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